What should I do if the female employee is excluded by the company after pregnancy?

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[Workplace Guide: I work in a private enterprise. There are about 100 people within the company. Since I joined the job, I have been responsible for personnel administrative work.In September this year, after the company knew that I was pregnant, I kept forcing me to go away and wanted to persuade me.Now I still transfer my job directly from the personnel administration as a production and a single person. I rejected it because the workshop tastes great and is harmful to the body.I must forcibly accept their arrangements.It is even more serious. They keep looking for faults and announced that I have to do well here. The information is lost there, which has caused me to become the company’s idlers.Now I am very helpless and I don’t know what to do.

I would like to ask the teacher, I was crowded up by the company after pregnancy. What should I do?.

Dear subject, first of all, he is deeply sympathetic to your experience.When I met such a "black heart" boss, I was also drunk.

Elements of the subject: 1) private enterprises; 2) more than 100 people within the company; 3) the original responsibility for personnel administrative work; 4) learned that the subject took various means to persecute the subject.

As a former pregnant mother, the suggestions I give you as follows:

1. Confirm the current topic:

Congratulations, congratulations, your current identity has been upgraded. In your family, you have upgraded from the original wife to a pregnant mother and gave birth to the next generation of the family.

You have not involved your family’s economic situation in the topic. This default value is actually important.

Please evaluate what is your first problem based on your situation?

1) Pregnant mommy, is it a good mood?

2) Is it first to make money for pregnant moms?

3) Pregnant moms, is career development first?

4) Compared to the replacement of the time, the child cannot be replaced. Is the health of the fetus first?

5) Pregnant mommy, died with employers, and let herself get angry?(What does this depending on your psychological tolerance? Is there a strong heart? Or the heart of the glass? You need to answer truthfully because this involves how to take action below.)

TIPS: If you can order the above problems according to your actual situation, the above problems are slowly sorting, and the following problems will be much easier.

Second, the workplace must be "killed" for pregnant moms!

This paragraph is to tell the subject of a pregnant mummy. Under what conditions the employer can the employer "kill" a pregnant mother!

Please keep in mind that if female employees seriously violate the rules and regulations of the employer during pregnancy, the labor contract can be lifted.

The reason is as follows:

According to Article 42 of the Labor Contract Law, the employers who are female employees cannot terminate the labor contract in accordance with the provisions of Article 40 and 41 of this law during pregnancy, yielding, and lactation.

Article 40 of the "Labor Contract Law" has one of the following situations, the employer notify the worker himself in writing in writing in a written form of the employer or pay an additional payment of the worker after one month of salary, and can terminate the labor contract:

(1) Workers are ill or injured in labor, and they cannot engage in the original work after the prescribed medical period expires, nor can they engage in the job arranged by the employer;

(2) Workers cannot be competent, and after training or adjusting their jobs, they still cannot be competent;

(3) The objective situation based on the establishment of the labor contract has changed significantly, which caused the labor contract to be unable to perform. After negotiation with the employer and the workers, it failed to reach an agreement on changing the content of the labor contract.

Article 41 of the Labor Contract Law has one of the following circumstances, and more than 20 personnel need to be reduced or less than 20 percent of the employees of the enterprise must be reduced.All employees explain the situation, after listening to the opinions of the union or employees, the reduction of the personnel plan reported to the labor administrative department and can reduce the personnel:

(1) Reorganize in accordance with the provisions of the Enterprise Bankruptcy Law;

(2) serious difficulties in production and operation;

(3) Enterprises transfer production, major technological innovation, or adjustment of business methods. After changing labor contracts, personnel still need to be reduced;

(4) Other changes in the objective economic situation based on the establishment of labor contracts have undergone major changes, which caused the labor contract to be unable to perform.

When cutting personnel, the following personnel should be given priority:

(1) For a long -term fixed term labor contract with the unit;

(2) If a non -fixed period of labor contract is concluded with the unit;

(3) There are no other employees in the family, and there are elderly or minors who need raising.

However, employers can terminate the labor contract in accordance with Article 39.

"Labor Contract Law": Article 39 If a laborer has one of the following circumstances, the employer may terminate the labor contract:

(1) If it is proven to not meet the hiring conditions during the trial period;

(2) The rules and regulations of the employer seriously in violation of the employer;

(3) Seriously negligible, fraud in business, and cause major damage to employers;

(4) Establishing labor relations with other employers at the same time with other employers will seriously affect the work and tasks of the unit, or if they are proposed by the use of people, they refuse to make corrections;

(5) Due to the situation stipulated in the first paragraph of Article 26 of the Law, the labor contract is invalid;

(6) Criminal responsibility for being investigated in accordance with the law.

Therefore, if a female employee severely violates the regulations of the employer during pregnancy, according to Article 39 (2) of the Labor Contract Law, the employer may terminate the labor contract with the female employee during pregnancy.

TIPS: Remember the relevant laws and regulations, know where the "red line" is?As a female employee during pregnancy, the rules and regulations of the employer must be kept in mind and act within the scope of laws and rules and regulations.

Third, I just like you to see me unhappy and not to do me:

Dear title, if you are strong enough and feel boring during pregnancy, you can add some tedious pregnancy!Note that the premise is that the heart is strong enough!

For my personal example for your reference:

When I was pregnant, I worked in a Hong Kong listed company. I was sent to a regional company in a certain tier city.That year, there were several female colleagues who were pregnant at the same time. Although the company’s labor protection was better, it was a bit uncomfortable.It’s the "second -hand smoke" problem!At that time, there was no indoor smoking regulation, so the subject could imagine.

In particular, we were under the 5 project companies at the time, and the company’s male employees accounted for the majority. In the office, we were "weak".Some female employees often find me complaining.I asked the Ministry of Administration to place the prompt sign of "prohibiting smoking" on the public office area. The effect was not obvious. The smoking was still not wrong.In particular, the company’s deputy presidents are spraying clouds and fogging at the management meeting.

On one occasion, in the chairman’s office, a small meeting was held, and the company’s executive deputy president was smoking again.I reminded him that there were pregnant women present (not only myself, but also a deputy of the Finance Department of the Ministry of Finance, and was also present.) Don’t smoke, he listened, and he laughed.

I was angry on the spot. I said, "President X, your child is already in elementary school. You must not smoke in front of your daughter? Mrs. X will not allow it, but you seeDo you want to poison the next generation of the motherland? What do you mean? President Y (chairman), do you evaluate the manager, have you bullying people like this? Ah? We are pregnant, do n’t delay at all, do n’t you say that you do n’t talk about it.Be poisonous! "

When the chairman looked at it, it was really unknown, so he said that the executive vice president was always embarrassed.I called the administrative manager directly into the office and asked her to play the two larger "smoking ban" to the chairman’s office.

Afterwards, I also said that in order to better manage the team, I would like to review the chairman of the year -end prize.At the management meeting next Monday, the chairman announced the decision. Since then, no one will smoke in the public office area.

Sister just likes you to see me unhappy and can’t do me!

TIPS: The workplace is an occasion of wisdom and bravery.Finally, I wish the subject in accordance with their own situation and adopt a reasonable way to solve their own problems!I wish everything go well!

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