What should I do if the bilateral tubal umbrella end is adhesive?Can I only do test tubes if I want to get pregnant?

Wallopian is an important channel for female ovulation. If the fallopian tube is blocked, the eggs are likely to be unable to discharge normally and combine it with sperm.The fallopian tubes are divided into four stages from near the uterus, in order, in turn, the parts, the gorge, the abdomen of the pot, and the umbrella.

The umbrella is also called the umbrella end, which is the closest to the ovaries. It looks a bit like our hand, as well as fingertips, and can softly grab the follicles discharged from the ovary.Then all the way north, wait for the sperm princes that stood out from the troops, and then stood out, and then formed the peristalsis of the fertilized eggs by the tubal cilium and the fallopian tube muscle layer, and sent the fertilized eggs back to the uterine cavity.The last is really reassuring.

However, if the end of the umbrella is adhesive, there is no fallopian tube blocking, distortions, the loss of normal shape and peristaltic function of the fallopian tube, ovulation is normal, the shape of the uterine cavity is normal, the endometrium is normal, and the male sperm and sexual function are normal.Then there is an absolute advantage of laparoscopy to loosen the end of the tubal umbrella, and you do not need to solve this problem by doing test tubes.However, if the man has severe semen problems, the woman’s ovulation has obstacles, and the tubal tube severely adhesive deformation and distortion blocking may still need to auxiliary reproductive technology to help solve the fertility problem.

What are the treatment methods of tubal adhesion?

1. Drug therapy, when the adhesion of general fallopian tubes is relatively mild, the drug can be treated with drugs. The principle of drug treatment is to promote the fallopian tubes that are blocked by stasis and stasis due to promoting blood circulation, so as to treat the plugging of the fallopian tube adhesion.

2. Physical therapy, by using ultra -short waves to make external force methods such as ions transparent, traditional Chinese medicine enema, etc., to promote the blood circulation of patients, thereby alleviating the tubal adhesion.Essence

3. The method of surgery, if the above two more conservative treatment is not effective, or the adhesion is very serious, then the adhesive fallopian tube must be separated through the surgical method, allowing the fallopian tube to restore the normal and smooth state, and restore the recoveryNormal ovulation ability.

Therefore, the adhesion of the umbrella end of the tubal tube can be proladed, plastic surgery, plastic surgery, and presence according to the adhesion. Many patients are pregnant quickly after surgery.If other infertility is merged, comprehensive evaluation is required.Therefore, female friends should pay attention to their physical changes. Once they find that there are lower abdomen pain and abnormal leucorrhea, they should seek medical treatment in time to avoid some serious diseases in reproductive systems.Striving for early detection and early treatment, the chance of cure is relatively high.

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