What should I do if sheep are not pregnant?

Sheep is a seasonal estrus animal. Due to the changes in sunlight before and after the spring equinox and before and after the autumnal equinox. In these two seasons, most of the stubs will estrus and breed.The ewes are not pregnant for two aspects. On the one hand, they are diseases, and on the other hand, they are improper breeding management.How attractive the price of the lambs on the market now is that after pregnancy, there will be income after pregnancy.Rural sheep raising is mainly based on reproduction. What should I do if they do not get pregnant?

Improve breeding management

1. Strengthen the management of thin and weak ewes, especially in spring, because rural breeding sheep winter is not prepared to prepare high -quality forage, mainly pure grazing, breeding sheep have "summer, autumn fertilizer, winter thin, spring death"Phenomenon, some ewes are thin and difficult to estrus.Therefore, after the beginning of the spring, the thin stove is given to the thin ewe, feeds it to the vegetables and high -quality green -dried grass every day, supplemented by about 250 grams of mixed feed. After more than a month of strengthening, the physical condition of the thin ewe will resume the condition of the weak eweIt can make the ewe in the short term, and a good emotion can ensure that normal estrus and pregnancy can be guaranteed.

2 In the autumn season, the grass of grass is soft and nutritious. Generally, the emotions of the ewe are very good. After the thin and weak ewes are collected at night, they must make an appropriate amount of fine feed.

Disease treatment

1. Endometritis: This is a common type of ewor germ organ disease, and it is also the main reason why ewes are inaccurate.For the treatment of ewes with uterine inflammation, first remove enditis secretions, and then inject drugs into the uterus.05%amuxi Xilin solution 2-3 liters, fully rinse the uterus until the outflow of liquid and flushing solution.Then, 800-16 million units of penicillin and 1 million units of chaincin were dissolved in 30-50 ml of injection water. The rubber catheter was injected into the uterus through the rubber catheter, once a day.

2. Ovarian cysts and luteal residues: Ovarian cysts can use lutein to release hormones, anterior pituitary gonad hormones, and luteum muscle injection.The luteal residue can quickly remove the luteum with prostaglandin muscle injection.

3. If the treatment is not effective, it is immediately eliminated.

Artificial induction of estrus

1. Concentrate without pregnancy ewes and seed rams in the same circle. The manual lighting time is about 20 hours a day, and the artificial light will be converted into natural light after 60 days.After this method is treated, the ewe can estrus 2-3 times within 60 days.

2. Dip the vaginal cavernous plug with a pulled out of the wiring. Dip the hormone (such as analothalinol), and then apply the antibacterial solution to place it in the vagina without pregnancy.After 17 to 21 days, the sponge was pulled out, and the ewe can estrus.

3. Muscle injection of trihex hormones, each ewage is injected 3 to 4 ml, and the ewes can be estrus after 2 to 4 days.


1. The most suitable time for the stance of the stuff is 24 to 30 hours after the estrus.The old match is early, less late, and there are many middle -aged in the middle.For ewes that confirm the estrus, those who have the conditions can be artificially fertilized. After 12 and 24 hours, each breeding and infusion can be used once, which can effectively improve the tire rate of the ewes.

2. Breeding in a timely manner, do not delay the breeding. The aging eggs and the aging sperm are fertilized. The fertilized eggs can be planted in the uterus. The embryo will die in the middle of the development and cause losses.

Strengthen the breeding management of ewes after the breeding

1. Strengthen the breeding management of the breeder. The breeding of the ewe is malnutrition and lacks the necessary protein, minerals and vitamins, especially calcium and phosphorus, and vitamin A and vitamin D, which can cause embryo death.Mainly the ewes breeding.For three months after breeding, the embryo develops slowly. Relying on grazing can meet the nutritional needs. By eating green feed and sun exposure, it can basically meet the needs of vitamins.Only in the winter and spring seasons to grazing in the time of eating without full, add some dried grass.

2. Do not feed mold, deterioration, toxic (such as pastoral grass that just sprayed pesticides, etc.), silage with excessive acidic silage, and leisurel with more alcohol. Do not feed frozen feed.

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