What should I do if pregnant women have a throat?6 wonderful moves easily nourish your throat

Pregnancy is a particularly beautiful and sacred thing. It not only gave birth to a new life, but also the most common but most special inheritance.Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant women became the most expensive baby of the family.But people eat grains and diseases. What if pregnant women are sick?Now let’s take a look at the most common disease, pregnant women have a sore throat.What should I do if a pregnant woman has a throat?What should pregnant women pay attention to?Don’t worry, I have a way, let’s take a look together!

What to do if pregnant women have a pain in throat

1. If the pregnant woman is only a slight sore throat, just rinse the mouth with thick saline 5-8 times in the day. Because the salt has the effect of sterilizing and disinfection and anti-inflammatory, it can reduce the pain of the pregnant woman’s throat.

2. Pregnant women’s throat should drink more warm water, which is a good recipe for treatment of sore throat.Water has a purification effect. With the discharge of urine, it will bring out the toxins in the body and reduce the symptoms of sore throat.

3. Pregnant women with sore throat are often signs of a cold.Therefore, at this time, the pregnant woman should rest more to reduce her physical pressure, so as to prevent the cold from getting heavier and the throat throat soreness.Pregnant women with colds also eat less fruits such as oranges and willow.

4. Pregnant women’s pharyngeal soreness may also be formed by improper food intake.The more popular food will make pregnant women feel a pain, so pregnant women should eat less fire, greasy, and spicy food.

5. When pregnant women have pharyngeal sore throat, it is also necessary to supplement high nutritional foods. For example, high -nutrition foods such as chicken soup and bone soup can further improve the immunity of pregnant women and help pregnant women’s throat pain.

6. Do not drink stimulating stimulating condiments in the throat of pregnant women, such as curry powder, otherwise, otherwise it will cause dullness, cough and other diseases to aggravate sore throat.

Pregnant women’s throat dietary therapy

1. The radish onion white wind cold has a cold and cold throat, 1 radish, 6 green onion, 15 grams of ginger.First cook the radish with three bowls of water, then put on the green onion, ginger, and a bowl of soup, and drink it together.Can treat pregnant women’s throat.

2. 30 grams of brown sugar ginger jujube soup, 15 grams of fresh ginger, 30 grams of red dates.Fry it with three bowls of water to more than half, and take a little sweat after taking it.Drive the wind from the cold, cure the wind and the wind, the cold, the throat pain, the stomach cold tingling; the postpartum diarrhea; the evil yin and so on.

3. Take 5 apples for apple honey water, cut into small pieces, add 1 liter of water, boil for 5 minutes, naturally cool to about 40 ° C, add an appropriate amount of honey and stir well, and drink a small amount every day.

4. Ginger radish soup 25 grams, 50 grams of radish sliced, add 500 ml of water, cook for 15 minutes, add sugar with an appropriate amount, drink it while it is hot.

5. 10 green green onion and garlic porridge, chopped, 3 petals of garlic, 50 grams of rice, boil into porridge with water, take it while hot.

6, cabbage green onion soup, 3 washed and chopped heart, 6 green onion roots, 1 bowl of decoction, add sugar with an appropriate amount, and take it under the hot.

7. 1 chicken soup tender chicken, wash clean, boil water, add seasonings (pepper, ginger, green onion) in chicken soup, or eat it below.It can reduce the symptoms of nasal congestion, runny nose, and enhance human body resistance.

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