What should I do if pregnant women do back pain?

The abdomen of pregnant women is gradually increasing during pregnancy, which also increases the burden on the back of the pregnant woman’s waist. So what should I do if pregnant women do back pain? What should I do?Let’s take a look at the cause of back pain in pregnant women.

After the pregnant woman becomes larger, the strength of their backs is getting larger. This burden every day is a severe test of the back of the pregnant woman’s waist.

Pregnant women have symptoms such as pain and soreness on the back of pregnant women during pregnancy.This is a common symptom of pregnant women, so there is no need to worry too much.However, in addition to back pain, some pregnant women also have other symptoms. At this time, they need to pay attention to, and seek medical treatment in time. When the fetus grows, the abdomen of the pregnant woman needs to stretch the uterine that has become larger.

Because the stretching of abdominal muscles far exceeds their regular stretching state during pregnancy, they lost their normal role in the process of maintaining their bodies. Therefore, the lower back must bear more weight and pressure to maintain the physical posture.


1. The uterus needs to extend the space

While the fetus in the abdomen of pregnant women is growing, the abdomen of the pregnant woman needs to expand to accommodate the continuous uterine.The weight of the abdomen is also increasing.

2. The secretion ofrelaxin hormone secretion

During pregnancy, the concentration of the recipient of RELAXIN in the body of the pregnant woman is 10 times when not pregnant.Relaxin’s function is to relax the joints in the pelvis, so there is room for the baby to be born through the birth canal.Unfortunately, RELAXIN may also loosen other joints in the body, which in turn causes inflammation and pain.


The cause of this pain is the same for pregnant women and others.Bad posture, improperly raising the method of heavy objects, weakness, nervous muscles or injuries can cause pressure on ligaments, muscles, bone trays, and joints, which cause back pain.

Generally speaking, pregnant women with such diseases, before pregnancy or before the abdomen did not bulge, they already had back pain, and the back pain became serious after the abdomen became bigger.

Back pain often worsens after standing in the afternoon, evening or you stand for a long time. This is because the weight of your and your baby makes your muscle fatigue and ligament slightly relaxed.

Different diagnosis

Pregnant women’s chest tightness and shortness of breath

After pregnancy, you may have a short chest tightness and shortness of breath, feel uncomfortable, uncomfortable.It is a normal phenomenon to exclude the problem of the heart.First of all, the increase in abdominal pressure caused by increased abdominal pressure affects the breathing exercise of the diaphragm and the thoracic respiratory muscle.

Then the inductive vein is compressed to reduce the blood volume of the heart back. The metabolic waste of the fetus is discharged into the mother’s blood and caused the mother’s blood electrolyte to slightly imbalance, which is mainly common to slight acidosis.

Pregnant women with small abdominal pain

During pregnancy, those with small abdominal pain occur due to cell vein blockage or discharge, and poor qi and blood running.The pathogenesis of this disease is mainly blood deficiency, qi depression, deficiency, etc., which causes the cell veins to be blocked or the cell veins are defective, and the qi and blood are not running smoothly, so abdominal pain occurs.

Its lesions are only in the cell veins and have not yet damaged the fetal element, but in severe cases, it can also be blocked by cell veins, blood veins are not allowed, and twives affect the fetal element.

Pregnant woman’s stomach pain

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