What should I do if pregnant women are dizzy?

After pregnancy, the body will have a series of changes. The physique seems to have weakened. Occasionally, she feels dizzy. Sometimes when a person goes out, it will be dark, which is very dangerous.Why are pregnant women prone to this situation?What should I do after the symptoms of dizziness?

The reason why pregnant women are dizzy

Separational syndrome

Because pregnant women also have a physiological change during pregnancy, it is prone to low blood pressure of posture. For example, if some pregnant women have weak constitution, she will have the phenomenon of hypotension caused by posture for a long time.The cheeks are completely lost, and the symptoms are similar to collapse. If you have this symptom and the frequency of frequency, you must be accompanied by your family during work.She helped or lay down.Other pregnant women have this situation because of the supine position syndrome, which is often found in the middle and late pregnant women, because the pregnancy of the pregnancy is caused by the large blood vessels behind the uterus.


Dizziness and dazzling are one of the most prone to hypoglycemias in pregnant women, and often occur in the afternoon and night on an empty stomach.Those who are light can be dizzy and unstable. In severe cases, they can appear black, unclear, and even syncope when they suddenly stand or walk.Hypoglycemia is not only when the nutritional demand in the middle and late pregnancy appears.Due to the increase in blood in the early pregnancy of pregnant women, pregnancy reactive vomiting occurs, and at this time, it is generally less consumed, and the body consumes greatly, so it can also increase the symptoms of hypoglycemia such as dizziness.


This is due to the formation of placenta in early and during the early pregnancy, and a part of the blood is diverted, which leads to a slight decrease in the blood capacity of pregnant women; compared with non-pregnancy, it can generally decrease 5-15 mm Hg.Due to the decrease in blood pressure, it can lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain, and symptoms such as dizziness, dazzling, and hacking in front of the eyes, and due to insufficient blood supply to the limbs, symptoms such as fear of coldness, general exhaustion, and weak limbs.At this time, the body can improve the brain and limb ischemia and hypoxia by increasing the heart rate and increased heart rate, but pregnant women also feel palpitations, shortness of breath and chest tightness.This situation can generally appear about 2 months of pregnancy, and it is normal to return to normal at 6-7 months.

What should I do when dizzy?

Pregnant mothers with hypoglycemia, start with diet.

You can eat more and eat more, especially for breakfast. You can eat more milk, eggs, meat porridge, cakes, sugar and noodles, such as high -protein, high -fat and high carbohydrates.EssenceIn addition, you can carry some convenient foods such as biscuits, sugar pieces, sugar water and fruits in order to eat immediately when the above hypoglycemia symptoms occur, so that the symptoms of hypoglycemia such as dizziness can be relieved in time.

Maintain the calmness and relaxation of the mentality.

First of all, no matter whether it is before pregnancy or in the early pregnancy examination, you must have a calm mentality. Understanding pregnancy and delivery is a natural process. Don’t be nervous.At the same time, you must learn to relax tips, such as buying some pregnant women magazines and books; you can also listen to some music suitable for pregnant women, which has certain benefits for regulating your own plant nerves.

Quick treatment.

Headache can apply hot towels on your head to effectively relieve headaches.Under the guidance of a doctor, you can take some drugs that can quickly relieve pain.If it really hurts and is accompanied by dizziness, it is best to go to the doctor immediately.

Tips: Pregnant mommy is best to find someone to go out on the street. Pay more attention to physical condition, pay attention to rest, and balance diet and nutrition.Reduce the chance of travel in summer and prevent it before it occurs.

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