What should I do if pregnant women always love flatulence?Seven nursing methods are learned!

What should I do if pregnant women flatulence

· Dietary

Be sure to drink more water and eat less.When pregnant women feel flatulence, the stomach is full. If you continue to eat, it will feel more painful.Therefore, you can eat six to eight times a day, don’t eat too much at a time.In addition, don’t think that liquid foods are easy to digest and eat only liquid food, which is a wrong point of view.In fact, liquid foods are more difficult to digest in the intestine.Therefore, it is best to eat more vitamin -rich semi -solid foods.Be sure to drink plenty of water to promote bowel movements.

· Exercise

Walk frequently and massage to promote gastrointestinal motility.If the intestinal peristaltic function is weakened, intestinal peristalsis can be promoted by massage.Starting from the upper right of the abdomen, follow the direction of clockwise, slowly move towards the upper left of the abdomen, and then to the lower left of the abdomen, but you must not massage the position of the uterus.The uterus is in the middle of the abdomen, and some pregnant women will blindly massage the uterus, causing uterine contraction.If pregnant women have bleeding or uterine contraction, massage needs to be terminated immediately.

Pregnancy care method of pregnant women

Pregnant women are special groups, so they need to be very patient when taking care of pregnant women.If pregnant women flatulence, you need to be careful about care and care:

1. Eat less meals

It can help the stomach digest food at a certain speed.Pregnant women can adopt the method of eating less meals. Six to eight meals a day, do not eat too much at a time.

2. Daily defecation

You can eat more fruits and vegetables.In the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus needs to absorb a large amount of protein, so there is no need to eat too much starch, soybeans and other foods that are easy to produce gas and are not good for the stomach.In addition, it is necessary to properly supplement sugar and starch. Foods such as apples and pears are a good choice.You can also supplement starch and protein by eating foods such as beef and fish.

3. Appropriate exercise

The peristaltic function of the intestine can be improved by moving the muscles of the waist or the whole body.Pregnant women can do some simple gymnastics of pregnant women, or extend or increase the time and number of walking.

4. Take a purple Su Drink

The appropriate amount of perilla leaves can be boiled into soup water. There is no requirement for the weight and proportion. It can strengthen the spleen and stomach and prevent flatulence.You can also use fresh orange peels to replace Zisu.

5. Supplement sufficient moisture

Drink water before breakfast every day. In addition, you should add at least two liters of water a day.You can also add some honey to prepare the stool, but you cannot add too much.

6. Abdominal massage

Massage from the bottom right of the abdomen, and the strength should be gently.In the direction of clockwise, you can massage ten to twenty laps each time and two to three times a day, which can relieve the feeling of abdominal fullness.

7. Take the stomach scattered under the guidance of the doctor

If the flatulence is serious, you can consult the doctor first, and you can take the stomach dispersion under the guidance of the doctor.As long as the time is not very long or the amount of taking is not much, it will not affect the child.

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