What should I do if my wife is pregnant?

Notice of Daddy [Early pregnancy]

Task list!

” Buy your wife’s root can know the electronic pregnancy test stick with the number of pregnancy weeks;

” When you learn that your wife is pregnant, you need to show a happy emotions for the first time. Do not sweep at this time;

” After confirming that the wife is pregnant, it will be announced for 3 months together;

” Take care of the health status of his wife, you must not be injured in cold, let alone take drugs casually, so as not to cause miscarriage

” Follow whether his wife has abdominal pain, irregular bleeding, and even syncope.

How to determine pregnancy

There are many ways to verify whether you are pregnant. For example, the hospital’s blood test hormonal level or abdominal B -ultrasound, but the most commonly used and the most convenient is to use early pregnancy test strips or pregnancy test sticks.

At present, the common pregnancy test stick is used as a sign of pregnancy, but the new type of electronic pregnancy test stick can not only simply show pregnancy or no pregnancy, but also tell you about the number of pregnancy weeks.

If you find that your wife’s aunt does not report on time, can eat, sleep, emotional instability, vomiting, and even some long -term maintenance habits have changed. For example"Buy a pregnancy test stick that knows the number of pregnancy weeks, and accompany his wife to verify the results.

The advantage of the new electronic pregnancy test stick is that the sensitivity is high, showing clear and clear, you can one step in place. If you use a normal pregnancy test stick, once you know that you are pregnant, the curiosity that you want to know for a few weeks will drive you to buy high -level pregnancy test again."Answer doubts and confuses".

Therefore, in terms of cost -saving or efficient feedback, this is the best choice.

Principles of pregnancy test sticks

Most of the pregnancy test rods are the content of "human chorionic gonadotropin" (HCG) in the urine. This is a hormone secreted by embryo. It will be discharged with urine with the urine through blood circulation.

Generally speaking, the HCG content in women’s urine is very low. Once pregnant, the fertilized eggs are successfully bed, the HCG content in women will soar, and it will reach the peak at about 11 weeks during pregnancy, and then gradually fall.

Therefore, according to the HCG content, you can know whether you are pregnant, and the number of weeks of pregnancy is the pregnancy process using the HCG increase curve to calculate.

How to perform when you know the news

If the test results of the pregnancy test bars indicate that you have your own baby, first of all, congratulations, then your life, body and even spiritual level will enter a new stage.The entire family relationship becomes tight and inseparable.

However, as a person over, I tell you responsibly that when you first learned that your wife is pregnant, all your performance will be deeply imprinted in your wife’s heart and will never be worn out.It will be deceived by such lies, and "revenge" is the biggest number of women.

At this time, the benefits of scientific pregnancy are vividly reflected, and the surprises and sudden surprises have been prepared.

I once naively thought that when my wife told me, my head and anxiety had been concealed almost perfectly, but I talked to her once by chance.The expression on her face should be exactly the same as that of my expression when she learned of her pregnancy.

Therefore, here is a set of standard processes to the prospective dad. When your wife notifys you to get pregnant, you must first express your excitement, and then praise your wife. For example"Then you need to express this result. For example," It’s so good, I am so excited that I have to be incoherent. "If you are around her at this time, it is better to cooperate with the surround hug and forehead kiss.

After completing the above content, it is only half successful. The next step is to withstand the test. If your wife starts to talk about her concerns and concerns after listening to your answer, please curb your empathy in time and discard all thoughts to her."Don’t worry, everything has me." Believe me, at that moment you will be able to see the flashing stars from her eyes.

If I mean, if you really have other ideas for this result, please also restrain it. Of course, you can express all your ideas, but the best time must not be at this moment.

When your lover’s heart is undulating, what she needs most is to rely on a harbor, even if all this is temporary.Even if you take back 10,000 steps, as far as a husband is concerned, you should not sweep the family’s Xing at this moment.

When should I announce this good news

Many novice parents will be excited to inform everyone who are close to each other after experimenting with pregnancy, but it is best to wait for the news to wait 3 months later. This will have enough time to confirm whether his wife is really pregnant.

Of course, you can first tell your parents and the best friends in order to get a psychological support in the first few weeks, and to satisfy the desire to publish the news.

More people choose to keep secrets in the first three months, mainly to worry about abortion. According to statistics: Almost 98%of the abortion occurs in the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, so the first 3 months is usually called an observation period., Be careful.


Abortion refers to the termination of pregnancy before the 20th week of pregnancy, and mostly refers to natural abortion in medicine.

Dangerous period of abortion

The number of scientists generally recognized is that about 20%of pregnancy will end in abortion. This is still conservative estimation. Many people do not realize that pregnancy has been miscarriage.Calculation is that abortion is the biggest threat in the first three months, so understanding what is going on, what you need to pay attention to, and to avoid which dangers are crucial.

The type of abortion is completely aborted: refers to the gesture of the embryo and the remaining pregnancy products from the body. At this time, the cervix is closed; incomplete abortion: only a part of the embryo is excreted, the amniotic veskin or the placenta is retained, and it will accompany at this time.The phenomenon of bleeding and excretion involved in pregnancy products occur; Expired abortion: The fetus has died and stayed in the uterus without being excreted.Expired abortion will not be found for a few weeks. Pregnant women will only feel that the symptoms of early pregnancy will disappear. However, due to the high level of estrogen, some pregnant women will even have a series of reactions for pregnancy after the fetus dies.

Why is there a fetus with a certain abnormal condition that is easily miscarriage? For example, in the fetus that had a miscarriage in the previous three months, almost half of the phenomenon of chromosomal abnormalities; the fetus was not successfully attached to the inner wall of the uterus. This is completely because of bad luck.It is not caused by parents; the age of pregnant women is also one of the causes of abortion; using certain drugs is also a cause of abortion.

Abortion signs

The most obvious signs are similar to the abdominal pain when menstruation comes, accompanied by a lot of bleeding.

Note: Bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy does not mean abortion. Generally speaking, it is normal for a bit of blood stains or mild bleeding in the first three months. However, no matter how slight bleeding, you must seek medical treatment in time and not be able to take it lightly.

After abortion

No matter how many early abortion, the loss of children is extremely sad, but medical suggestions should be prepared for a period of time after abortion, at least after the woman has a menstrual cycle.

Early abortion is likely to be a way of screening for life. For those who are not suitable for survival, it is best to stop in time before their lives start.

No matter how this situation encounters this situation, it is unacceptable. Understanding these is just hope that you can look at the abortion more rationally. Please also take care of your lover while dealing with your mood.

Ectopic pregnancy

Extrace The pregnancy refers to the fetus attached and developed outside the uterus, which is the ectopic pregnancy that is called daily.

In addition to preventing miscarriage in the early pregnancy, we must pay attention to abortion. Although the chance of ectopic pregnancy is relatively small, it is more lethal.

Ectopic pregnancy may occur in ovarian, abdominal cavity, cervix, and fallopian tubes. The most common is in the fallopian tube.

With the development of the fetus, pregnant women will have symptoms of abdominal pain and bleeding. If they do not pay attention to the fallopian tube, they may break, causing internal bleeding, and endangering the life of pregnant women.

How to judge the period of mixture of extraterritical pregnancy: there is an early pregnancy reaction but abdominal pain suddenly occurs, usually a pain in a certain abdomen, accompanied by irregular bleeding, this is the most typical ectopic pregnancy manifestation.Suddenly serious situation: Without any signs, pregnant women will be extremely discomfort or even faint, and they need to be taken to the hospital immediately.The pregnancy test is positive, and the surgery needs to be performed immediately, which shows that the part of the ectopic pregnancy has ruptured and caused internal bleeding

Finally, I want to say that due to the surge in progesterone, your wife may become sensitive, fragile, irritable and irritable in the early stages of pregnancy.

At this time, we must be more tolerant and considerate, instead of thinking that they are making trouble unreasonable, always taking care of the emotions of expectant mothers, and giving them sufficient sense of security. It is very important for your wife and children.

Again, it is the primary task to keep the mood of expectant mothers in the whole pregnancy. The main role of the daddy in the early pregnancy is to act as a punch in the wife.The pain and wolf were ten or two, so that maybe all the haze can be relieved.

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