What should I do if my wife "can’t help" after pregnancy?Tell your husband to solve this way

Xiaoling and Kobayashi were pregnant shortly after the wedding. This is a great event for the whole family. Kobayashi is even more difficult to hide the joy of being a father, and Xiaoling has naturally become the key protection object. The whole familyI can’t wait to confessed Xiaoling, and be careful everywhere, but although Kobayashi is happy, there are helplessness. After all, the newlywed couple, Kobayashi often wants to find Xiaoling "that"."I rejected it because of it.Can women do the same room during pregnancy?

Three months before women’s pregnancy, the baby’s placenta did not develop, and she was still in early pregnancy. The baby’s "status" in her mother’s belly was not strong. The mother should care carefully, so pregnant women cannot do severe exercise and cannot have the same room.

In the second trimester, the "status" of the baby in the mother’s belly has been relatively stable. The husband and wife can properly do the same room. Of course, pay attention to the movement as much as possible, and there must be no strenuous exercise.

Three months after pregnancy, three months after pregnancy, the baby is waiting to meet us at any time. At this time, the placenta position will move down, so at this time, it cannot be the same room to avoid the danger of premature birth.

So since you are not allowed to have the same room in the early stages of pregnancy and the third trimester, you can only have the same room in the second trimester, so what should I do if my husband can’t help but during pregnancy?At this time, it is recommended that the husband transferred his attention by reading books, playing games, talking about other things, and so on. If you still can’t help it, it is best to solve it yourself. Don’t be greedy for a moment of interest and affect your child’s health.

In the same room in the middle of pregnancy, you should also pay attention to whether the fetal position and the value of various pregnancy tests are normal. If the wife has any discomfort during the same room, stop immediately.

When the husband can’t help it, imagine the fat and cute appearance of the child when he was born, and imagine what the child’s name is nice?Which part of the child looks like a father?Or look like a mother?Is it a boy or a girl?Taking more thoughts on his wife and children, trying to make your psychological to defeat physiology, and the health of his wife and children is greater than everything.

The arrival of the small life of each family can be said to be "hopes", and the pain torture that the wife will endure in October in October is that men can’t be physical, so when the wife is pregnant, the husband should take care of the responsibility of taking care of his wifeAt this time, what is your physiological needs and the pain of his wife, and compared with the baby who is about to meet the whole family, what can you count?Do not leave around, let alone we humans?To take care of his wife, you should endure it.

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