What should I do if my pregnancy is swollen like a bun?Teach you 7 tricks to be right, fat feet


There is a kind of fat called "swollen feet during pregnancy", which is fierce!Nine mothers in the ten mothers.It is the number one enemy of the shoes, the fat of the feet, and the shoes cannot be installed! It is the terminator of a happy life. The road of pregnant mothers is difficult and it is difficult to go to the sky!

In fact, most mothers will have foot swelling during pregnancy. Not only can the shoes be unable to wear, it is not stable walking, it is very inconvenient.

If you are pregnant, even if your belly is getting bigger and bigger, why is your feet more and more swollen?The swollen feet are like pork trotters. The shoes I just bought cannot be worn, and I can only wear my husband.

Today, I will talk to you about the knowledge about "swelling during pregnancy", and provide some relief methods to make the mother easier during pregnancy.

Is swelling during pregnancy? Is there a relationship between boys and women?

There is a saying that the feet are not swollen in the early stages of pregnancy, but the feet are swollen in the later stage, and the boy is pregnant; if the feet swelling in the early stages of pregnancy, and the later swelling, the girl is pregnant.

In fact, the mother’s foot swelling is mainly because of the increase in the uterus and the increase in blood volume, and it has nothing to do with the boy and the girl and the girl.

Figure 1

Why is my feet swelling during pregnancy?

Increased blood capacity 丨 Women’s blood capacity increases by about 40%compared with non -pregnancy after pregnancy, red blood cell increase is less than the increase in plasma, the plasma protein is basically unchanged, the blood becomes thinner, the plasma osmotic pressure is reduced, and the water moves to the tissue.

Increased uterine 丨 With the increase of the gestational week, the mother’s uterus continues to increase, compressing the blood vessels of the abdominal, the blood stasis in the pelvic cavity and lower limbs, increased pressure, and water can easily penetrate into the tissue gap under pressure under pressure, resulting in swollen foot.

When do you usually occur during pregnancy?

Swelling during pregnancy occurs mostly in the middle and late pregnancy.The blood capacity has gradually increased from the 6th week, reached its peak at 34 weeks, and maintained until two weeks after giving birth to the pre -pregnancy level.

Figure 2

How to make small fat feet thinner during pregnancy?

The best way to overcome the swelling of the pregnancy is to face it.Since the swelling of the feet during pregnancy cannot be avoided, then "face against each other"!

丨 Reasonably control drinking water 丨 Mom should not drink water because she is afraid of edema, but should master the correct way to drink water.During a small amount of water during the day, drinking water multiple times, drink less water before going to bed.

丨 Ensure that there is sufficient sleep 丨 Mom should not be overworked during pregnancy, you can’t stay up late, and make sure you have a good sleep.When the human body, the human body, the heart burden such as the liver, heart, and other organs will become less, and the puffiness will be reduced.

It is better to ensure that sleep at 9 to 10 hours per night, try to sleep on the left lying posture, so that the burden on the heart, liver, and kidneys will be reduced, and it is easier to discharge excess water in the body and relieve foot swelling.

丨 Raise your feet 丨 If your feet are only slightly swollen, the mother can properly do the leg -lifting movement, or put the pillow on the feet to raise it to help the blood flow and alleviate the edema.

丨 Massage both feet 丨 Mom can let her husband help massage the calves and insteps every day. The massage method must be from bottom to top, so as to help the blood flow back to the heart. The massage strength should be comfortable.Moreover, you can soak your feet with warm water before massage to relax your body and mind.

丨 Wear loose clothes 丨 During pregnancy, mothers must not wear tight clothes to show their stature, which can easily lead to poor blood flow.Loose clothes, comfortable shoes are the best choices.Shoes try to choose as much as possible than the normal code, but it should not be too large, otherwise it is easy to wrestle and it is dangerous.

丨 Eat more light foods 丨 Mother should pay special attention to diet.Eat less or not digest and bloating foods, such as fried glutinous rice cakes, sweet potatoes, onions, potatoes, etc., so as not to cause abdominal distension, cause poor blood flow, and increase the edema of the foot.

Eat more vegetables and fruits, such as grapes, pumpkin, winter melon and other diuretic foods.

Properly supplement protein, such as fish, shrimp, meat, eggs, milk, beans, and liver.

丨 Appropriate exercise 丨 Long -term sedentary can lead to slower blood circulation in the human body.Many mothers like Ge You after pregnancy, but if you want to relieve your swelling, it is best to exercise appropriately.If you must sit down, bend or shake your legs and feet at any time.

You can do yoga during pregnancy, help stretch your bones, move your shoulders and necks, and promote blood circulation.

Figure 3

For mothers, everything needs attention during pregnancy.Poot swelling during pregnancy is very common. It is normal. You don’t have to be too nervous. You can try the above method first.If the swelling of the foot for a long time has not been relieved or continuously aggravated, go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Finally, I wish the pregnant moms go well!

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