What should I do if my mother pubic pain is in the third trimester of the mother’s pubic bone pain?

During pregnancy, expectant mothers may encounter various pains, such as back pain, sciatica, wrist pain, breast pain, etc. In all pain, although the nomination rate of "pubic pain" is not the highestIt is ranked first in "the most painful".The pubic bone is two bones located in front of the pelvis. There are gaps in the middle instead of tightly together. The two bones are connected by ligament and fibrous cartilage tissue. This area is called the pubic bone combination.The "pubic pain" felt by expectant mothers is the pain caused by the union of the pubic bone.The pain of pubic bone combination is often manifested in the pubic and groin (that is, the position in front of the pelvis). It may be painful with the back, hip and inside of the thighs.So, what happened to the mother’s pubic pain in the third trimester?What to do if you encounter "pubic pain"?

In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, many expectant mothers will feel the painless pain of the pubic bone, and feel pulling, especially when standing, walking, going up and down the stairs, the pain is even more obvious. Sometimes when I go to sleep and sit up, I feel that I feel like I sit and sit up.pain.The emergence of this phenomenon is mainly because women have increasingly increasing the fetus during pregnancy, especially in the middle and late pregnancy, and the uterus will swell.Graduate.Generally, the normal distance between the two pubic bones is 4-5mm. During pregnancy, the two hormones of relaxation and lutein can help ligament relaxation.The expansion is greater to give the fetus more room for growth, and it is conducive to the fetus through the pelvis during childbirth. Therefore, the pubic bone combination separation will occur almost in all pregnancy women.However, some pregnant women may be too sensitive to the above hormones, making the pubic bone combination area very relaxed, and the distance between the two exceeds 10mm; or due to the size and arrangement of the pelvis, this joint has suffered more pressure at this joint., Leading to an excessive separation of the pubic bone, so I felt the pain of the thigh roots.

The pain caused by this pubic bone combination is generally tolerated.If the pubic bone is wrong, it will cause ligaments to strain, edema, and difficulty in acting. At this time, expectant mothers must rest in bed.

Specific mothers do not have to worry. After childbirth, the gap between the enlarged pubic bone will gradually restore the original distance.

For some symptoms of pubic bone separation, it generally does not affect daily life and work, and special treatment is not necessary.The expectant mothers who have this problem can pay more attention to the small details of daily life to reduce the pain.

1. When pain, you can put the ice bag on the pubic bone for cold compress.

2. The amplitude of daily action is small.Because when you do some movements, you may not feel its effect immediately, but when you are later or sleep, you will feel pain.

3. If the physical condition allows, you can reduce the pressure of the joint by swimming.Try to avoid breaststrokes, be careful when swimming with other swimming postures.People are more comfortable when they are in the water, but when they come out of the water, the pain may increase.

4. Standing symmetrically when standing.Avoid the movements that continue to separate legs, such as up and down cars or in and out of the bathtub.If you have to separate your legs, you must move carefully and slowly.

5. Avoid sitting.If you are sitting in the office of the office every day, you need to place a waist pillow behind him.

6. Get up in the morning, try to wear clothes as much as possible, do not stand and lift your legs and pants, pants or skirts.

7. When climbing the stairs, one step at a time.First, the legs that are more powerful or convenient to step on the steps, and then the other leg.This action is repeated when you go to the steps.

8. Put a small pillow between your legs while sleeping.Turn over on the bed, move your feet and hips, move as parallel and slowly as possible

9. The soles of expectant mothers should be soft and comfortable to avoid wearing hard sole shoes, so as not to increase the center of gravity instability.

10. Frequently sit down and rest. When you sit down, you can stand upright as possible, and give your back a good support, such as placing a waist pillow behind your back.

11. Avoid raising heavy objects.Specific mothers with pubic pain should get less heavy objects. If you really need it, it will be more comfortable to use backpacks.

12. If the situation is very serious, you can use an elastic band to restrain the pelvis to reduce the pressure on the pelvis.However, it must be performed under the guidance of a doctor during use, so as not to affect the baby’s development.The tightness of the beam belt is based on the pelvis that can withstand the pelvic as the standard, and at the same time, it does not seriously affect the influx of the lower limb veins.

13. Don’t tolerate pain.If certain actions make you feel pain, try to avoid these actions.If you worsen this pain, it may take a long time to recover.

14. Frequent pelvic floor muscles and abdominal exercise can help relieve the pressure caused by pregnancy to pelvis.

In terms of production, unless pregnant women have severe pubic bone union and over -separation, the pain is very powerful or the pelvis is small, and a selective cesarean section can be considered. Generally, it is mainly based on natural production.Some points need special attention:

1. Inform the condition in advance: before production, we must inform the medical staff the illness of the unified separation of the pubic bone.

2. Be careful of production posture: You need to be careful about production, avoid excessive opening of your feet when you produce.

3. Avoid intervention delivery: Avoid some interventional childbirth methods commonly used, such as clamps, because they often cause damage to the union of the pubic bone.

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