What should I do if my leg pain during pregnancy?5 response measures to help you relieve!

During pregnancy, there are all kinds of distress, some are pregnant, some are leg pain, and some are swollen body.Since pregnancy, there have been many unpredictable leg pain, sometimes on the knee, sometimes on the calf, and sometimes on the root of the thigh.Generally, it is not very serious, but it is always painful to be tortured.Go to the hospital to ask the doctor, the doctor said that because of pregnancy compression of the nerves.The reason is that the fetus grows up gradually. The uterus is oppressed by various parts. The blood circulation of the lower body is not smooth, causing fatigue in the lower body.So how to deal with leg pain during pregnancy?Let ’s introduce it to you. Interested friends, let’ s take a look.

1. Calcium supplement

Calcium supplementation must be paid attention to during pregnancy. This may not be said to be calcium supplement because of leg pain.For leg pain caused by calcium deficiency, it is recommended to eat more calcium -containing foods, such as pork bones, milk, eggs, beans, etc.There are also what you need to pay attention to is that you can drink more milk, and you can bask in the sun, or you can eat composite calcium tablets directly.

2. Eat less candy food

If you eat too much sweets during pregnancy, you will not only increase weight and blood sugar, but also cause loss of calcium and vitamin B, which will cause symptoms of leg pain.

3. Soaking your feet frequently, it is very effective for personal pain during pregnancy

Soak your feet with about 40 degrees of hot water every day, and soak your feet to mix the boiled water with warm water with warm water.It can be soaked for 20 minutes at a time, which can not only relieve fatigue, but also relax the muscles, activate, promote blood circulation, and effectively improve the symptoms of leg pain.If it is a knee, you can use a towel to apply hot water, mainly to promote blood circulation of the lower limbs, and it is best to walk every day.

4. Grow up your own legs

For example, pregnant women friends have a manifestation of leg pain when they sleep, mainly because of the lower limb edema caused by uterine enlargement.It is recommended to put your legs when you sleep, which can relieve the symptoms of leg pain caused by the edema of the leg. Of course, you can also put a pillow.

5. You can make appropriate massage

It can make my husband massage the pain every day for ten minutes, just like mentioned above, the principle of soaking feet is the same, which helps blood circulation.

If pregnant women have symptoms of leg pain, it is recommended to try the above five solutions. If the effect is not visible, you can go to the hospital for treatment in time. Well, today’s content will be introduced here. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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