What should I do if my husband is derailed during pregnancy?Smart wife do this

Marriage is like a button. The first deduction is wrong. All in the future are wrong. Many young people have been in love with themselves to enter the marriage hall.Husband couldn’t even run away during pregnancy and was derailed.

Pregnancy is a happy and happy thing, but her husband is derailed during his pregnancy. What should I do?For women, this is a painful blow, which means that her husband is unfaithful to herself, cracks in feelings, and where the children in the stomach go?The baby is the most innocent, is it directly divorced?What about children?

Remember, smart women know how to make a living and then love first, and love themselves than love others. No matter what the reason, any form of derailment will be harmed to varying degrees. In the face of derailed husbands, how should a smart wife should be a smart wife?Do?

1. Don’t make a big noise

Women’s magic weapon cries and hangs up and hangs up. At this time, it is already impossible. Blind scolding is not helpful to solve things. Instead, she will push her husband farther and farther.The more you cope with you, he finally is in Cao Yingxin in Han.

2. Do not impulse divorce

No matter what contradictions, the impulse is the next policy. At this time, the problem should be dealt with positively. The husband and wife need to sit down and talk about it. After all, it is a family and a child. If a woman is impulsive to divorce, what should the child do?How to divide the property after marriage?Do not solve the headache after real problems!

3. Collect evidence of derailment

Will men admit their derailment?Of course not, at this time, the woman should be online, collect his derailment evidence, chat records with other opposite sex, transfer expenditure records, hotel consumption records, photos, call records, etc.Hammer is a woman’s last weapon to protect her!

4. Sign an agreement, maximize property

After the derailment of men was arrested, they apologized as soon as possible, but what is the use of apology?Who knows if it will make mistakes afterwards?To tell him that the actions are greater than everything, let him signed a loyal agreement. If he was caught again, the compensation fee was in place at a time. You must also catch his economic pulse on weekdays.

5. Consider the future carefully

After the child is born, who will support it?Do you have the ability to raise?How to pay for the support?Who will ensure the physical and mental health of children’s growth?If you do n’t need a child, do you want to have a miscarriage?How to distribute the property of the couple after divorce?These things need to be carefully thought about where to go.

The most painful lesson is that the person you who never set up a fierce shot at you.Men are derailed. I think it is 0 and countless times. It is easy for the first time for the first time. Seeing men clearly, we can be a woman happily!

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