What should I do if my husband derailed Xiao San is pregnant and forced marriage

Husband derailed, younger pregnancy, forced marriage … This is the most painful and heartbreaking test in marriage.In the face of this situation, many people may feel confused and helpless, and cannot decide what to do next.In this article, I will provide you with some suggestions, hoping to help you find a way out in this predicament.

First of all, in the face of the derailment of husband, we need to deal with it calmly.In this case, anger blinds our thinking and makes it easy to make impulse decisions.However, we should try to avoid emotional behavior, such as abuse and violence.On the contrary, we should keep this problem calm and rationally.

Second, it is very important to communicate with her husband with sincerity.No matter how painful and troublesome, communication is the key to solving the problem.Although it is difficult to accept such problems in marriage, we need to listen to each other’s explanation and understand his thoughts and feelings.At the same time, we should also express his emotions and views to him.Through communication, we have the opportunity to better understand each other and find out the root cause of the problem.

Third, in the face of Xiaosan’s pregnancy, we need to keep calm and think clearly.We should consider the interests of this child, not just their own feelings.Whether or not we want to accept this child, we all need to adopt a mature and responsible attitude.If we decide to divorce, the legal system can help us solve the problem of property and custody.

Fourth, the requirements for marriage need to be handled with caution.In such a predicament, someone may choose to compromise, but marriage is a light weightlifting relationship.Before we decide whether to force marriage, we need to seriously think about our wishes and values.Forcing marriage may bring us more pain, not true happiness.

Finally, we need to maintain the balance of self -worth in this process.No matter what happens, we must not forget our value and dignity.We should not blame ourselves, let alone let others hurt us.On the contrary, we should be strong, build our own lives, and pursue our dreams and happiness.

In short, in the face of the dilemma of her husband’s derailment, pregnancy and marriage, we need to maintain calmness, frank communication, consider the interests of children, carefully handle the requirements for marriage forced marriage, and maintain the balance of self -worth.This is not an easy way to walk, but only through the choice of bravery and wisdom, can we find real happiness.

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