What should I do if my husband and wife live "can’t get in"?Doctor: Don’t worry, these 4 methods must be used

Some people say that the 50s or 60 -year -old couples are like worship brothers.

No matter who is by your side, you will not have any physiological reactions.

Others say that when people who live in this age are like sending milk when they live, they will leave at the door.

However, it is not just a matter of middle -aged and elderly people who can’t be hardened.

Many people even need to be resolved by surgery.

So "can’t go", what should I do?

Presumably many people have the foreplay when they first "interact" with their girlfriend for the first time, and the rest are basically overlords.

In fact, the lack of foreplay is very dangerous, not only is it easy to hurt your partner, but severe cases may lead to bleeding.

Even many women have said that if there is no foreplay, they will be more nervous and will be more painful at the beginning.

Therefore, before love, relax the opponent through stroking, comfort and other methods as much as possible, and let the other party enter the state as much as possible.

At this time, the other person’s body was completely relaxed to proceed smoothly.

In addition, more foreplay can also help men relax themselves.

Without a psychological burden, the success rate will be higher.

I have to say that many times are psychological decisions, especially in the lives of husband and wife.

Many men like to brag about themselves on this. It seems that this has also become an important way for him to conquer the other half and show his charm.

But in fact, many people are not performing well.

The reason is that many people think of this too heavy, and even silently raise their expectations in their hearts.

Once unsuccessful, the next psychological pressure will be greater.

As a result, under the influence of mood factors, the sensitivity of this part will be higher, and the chance of not in and premature ejaculation will increase greatly.

Even after weekly, the vicious circle …

Therefore, it is recommended that men relax in advance, communicate well with their partners before starting, open up their hearts, and shorten each other’s psychological distance.

If this method is still poor, you can also use the "small prop" method at this time.

Nowadays, with the development of the Internet, more and more private products have achieved the situation of not being out of the house and private delivery.

There are many adults on the Internet. Among them, in addition to the "small umbrella", the other is the lubricant.

This is not the kind of lubricant that people understand.

This kind of thing can enter the human body and harmless existence.

Many people hurriedly entered when the other party did not fully enter the state because the other party did not fully enter.

Even dry, pain, the other party was unwilling to continue, and at the same time, he had psychological pressure.

Therefore, for those who love the first time, it is a help to choose lubricating fluid.

In addition, for those who are older, due to age, they may lead to insufficient power of male hearts, and female body fluid secretion is reduced.

At this time, you can also choose the lubricating solution as the auxiliary tool.

However, because most of the lubricant has no contraceptive effect, it is recommended that users pay attention to the protection of their female companions at the same time to avoid the other party from getting pregnant.

If the other party still cannot enter smoothly, it can help the smooth progress of intercourse by changing the posture.

You can choose the right posture with your partner to enjoy each other.

But for those who are older, they need to be safe.

Although there are many ways to help love love, more often the icing on the cake.

Some male patients have completely lost their ability to self -erection, so they can intervene through surgery at this time.

During the operation, doctors implant prosthesis in their private parts.

Due to the advancement of science and technology and medical methods, prosthesis cannot be distinguished only from the appearance.

When using the touch, the puppies are swollen quickly by touching the puppies, which helps patients change impotence problems in an exogenous manner.

However, this method is not worthy of use.

Our body has the principle of using abolition and retreat. Before the "ability" is completely lost, try to choose to recover through conditioning.

In addition, it is not recommended to use some drugs such as Indian oil.

When use, they will increase the burden on cardiovascular, increase blood circulation speed and heart rate, and increase risks.

Most of the time, husbands and wives have a psychological problem.

Some couples do not even have any physiological reactions, but this does not mean that they have a big problem.

If the check cannot be found, then the above methods are always suitable for you.

Finally, the life of husband and wife is a combination of love and relaxation, and those who love you will not dislike you.

If you live a little, you will have a different gain.

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