What should I do if my endometrium is thin?Don’t miss these methods

A healthy uterine endometrium helps normal women’s menstrual rules and conception.Thin uterine endometrium may cause pregnancy difficulties.So, what makes women’s uterine endometrium thinner?How to increase the thickness of the endometrium?It is important to do these things well!

There are two factors that make the endometrium thinner:

Internal factors: endocrine disorders (such as female, progesterone insufficient, lack of growth hormone, etc.), uterine developmental deformity, etc.;

External factors: Artificial abortion causes endometrial injury, uterine cavity adhesion, endometritis, etc.

In addition to treatment under the guidance of a doctor, the thinner uterine endometrium can also be improved by changing the lifestyle. Many women can increase the thickness of their uterine endometrium and increase the chance of pregnancy!

1. Exercise daily

Exercise can strengthen the blood flow of the whole body, including blood flowing to the uterus.And good blood flow can make the endometrium healthier.Take at least thirty minutes to do exercise every day. Whether swimming, running, cycling, yoga or walking.If you have to sit for a long time because of your work, try to get up for two minutes per hour.

2. Sleep at least 7 hours a day

Take a good rest to keep the hormonal level stable, and the body will adjust the estrogen and other hormones when you sleep to balance it.Try to develop healthy sleep habits to ensure that you can sleep 7 to 9 hours a night.You can try the following methods to improve your sleep mode:

Specific time to sleep and get up every day.Try to sleep between 10 and 11 pm.

3. Eliminate the pressure

Stress and chemicals secreted therefore have a negative impact on the body, and hormonal balance may be damaged as a result.You can spend some time to relax and control your pressure.Try creative activities such as yoga, meditation, writing, painting, and painting, aromatherapy, or anything that can relax.

4. Try to improve fertility through diet

Diet will affect your fertility.Eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains as possible.The diet of low carbohydrates may also help.If possible, please get more protein than meat from vegetables and beans.Do not consume trans fats and processing foods.

5. Don’t do things that can slow blood flow

Just as you can try to accelerate your blood flow, you should avoid doing anything that might reduce blood flow.

The most common activities to reduce blood flow include: smoking: quitting!It is harmful to your health and reduce blood flow.Drink coffee drinks.Try to control the daily coffee beverages to be controlled within 240 ml.Gradually reduce caffeine intake and avoid abstinence reactions.

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