What should I do if my aunt didn’t come after the same room?Be wary of accidents!

After passion

I found that my aunt is delayed to meet in the future

Did you get pregnant unexpectedly?

All kinds

"Stay" or "flow" by accidental pregnancy?

Remind everyone

After the impulse of fluke, after passionate passion

Be sure to properly handle the "sequelae of the festival"

–accidental pregnancy.

01 menopause

The most important symptoms of early pregnancy.If your menstrual period has always been regular, but this time has not arrived on time, then you’d better detect it.

02 Basic body temperature is not high

If you record the basal body temperature and find that your base temperature is high temperature for 18 consecutive days, you are likely to be pregnant.

03 breast discomfort

One of the early signs of pregnancy is breast sensitivity and pain, which is caused by the improvement of your hormone level.

04 Tired of the body

The level of rapid increased progesterone (also known as progesterone) may make you feel particularly sleepy.

05 Nausea or vomiting

This is the case when most people are pregnant.

06 Urine frequency

This symptom may begin when you were just 6 weeks of pregnancy.

07 increased vaginal secretions

In the early stages of pregnancy, affected by the sharp increase in hormones, vaginal secretions will increase significantly.

Pre -test early pregnancy test to confirm whether you are "winning"

★ Urine HCG

Menstruation can be detected for more than 7 days, and urine HCG can be detected. When doing inspection, you must use morning urine, because morning urine is concentrated and hormone levels are high.In order to improve the accuracy of the inspection, the amount of drinking water is reduced as much as possible the night before.

★ Blood HCG

Go to the hospital for a blood test and check the body’s HCG, that is, the content of the human chorionic gonad hormone, to determine whether women are pregnant.

★ B ultrasound

The B -ultrasound can truly "see" whether you are pregnant, and on the other hand, you can also see if the fetus is located in the uterine cavity to eliminate ectopic pregnancy!

Finally, please remember:

Pregnancy is a big deal, don’t just look at the pregnancy stick

If there is a sign of early pregnancy

Go to the hospital in time for early pregnancy examination

Can be diagnosed as early as ectopic pregnancy

Whether to choose to continue pregnancy and take good defense measures

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