What should I do if I have mold vaginitis?How can I cure it?Keep in mind these 3 points

Mold vaginitis is an inflammatory inflammation in the women’s group. Most of them are vaginal inflammatory diseases formed by a large number of Candida breeding due to the decline of women’s autoimmunity.The main symptoms of fungal vaginitis are vulvar itching. It is difficult to sleep and eat at the time of attack. Sitting is restless. In severe cases, it will also cause pain when urination and the same room.Another symptom is that there are increased leucorrhea, and the traits are tofu -like or condensed.So what should I do if I have mold vaginitis?How can I cure it?

What should I do if I have mold vaginitis?How can I cure it?

1. Persist in medication

The occurrence of mold vaginitis is caused by the stimulation of Candida in the vagina.Therefore, to remove germs, it is definitely necessary to go to the hospital to first diagnose the inflammation caused by Candida, and the degree of progress of inflammation.Patients must pay close attention to their own situation during the medication.Many patients will stop taking medicine because of a little symptoms. In fact, this is wrong. Patients must follow the doctor’s advice and take the medicine according to the treatment.Otherwise, inflammation will only be repeated and cannot be cured.

2. Pay attention to adjusting diet and rest and strengthen exercise

During the treatment of fungal vaginitis, it is the most spicy and irritating food, and foods with hot and high -protein such as eggs and beef should also be eaten less.Because these foods only increase inflammation, patients should maintain a light diet, adjust their schedule, and do not stay up late.At the same time, exercise should also be strengthened. After all, the main cause of mold vaginitis is caused by the decline in the resistance of its own constitution, which leads to a large amount of reproduction of Candida.Therefore, if you want to cure vaginitis, you must first condition your body.

Third, develop good hygiene habits to avoid the use of contraceptives

It is understood that long -term taking contraceptives is also one of the reasons for the recurrence of mold vaginitis.Therefore, women who do not have a pregnancy plan are recommended to use other methods for contraception to avoid taking contraceptives, so as not to cause endocrine disorders.At the same time, women should develop good hygiene habits, and change their underwear diligently. Do a good job of cleaning before the same room to avoid bacterial invasion.It should be noted that patients should not wash the vagina while keeping clean and hygienic.If the cleaning is too diligent, it will cause the vagina to be too clean, and the bacteria will easily drive in.

In short, fungal vaginitis is a disease that can be cured, so patients do not have to worry too much.During the treatment, pay attention to the use of medicine, adjust your diet, and try not to have the same room.At the same time, pay attention to maintaining your own cleanliness, relax your mood, and you will see obvious results after a while.Of course, the most important thing is to improve your own resistance, persist in exercising your body, and enhance your physique.

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