What should I do if I have a cold during pregnancy?You must know the grace of pregnant women, as well as the secret sauce!Professor Yang Zhimin, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Me

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[毎 或 一 膳] or soup, or vegetables, or porridge, or sugar, or tea, show the culture of Lingnan food, the essence of Chinese medicine meals.Thanksgiving is the characteristics of a kind of ingredients given by nature, and gratitude is that a kind of ingredients brings unlimited possibilities for human health.While human beings get healthy, we must love the earth, and the healthy people can be healthy for a long time.


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Women who are pregnant during pregnancy are most afraid of getting sick. Even a common disease, it is necessary to be careful when treating. Not only is it effective for effective treatment, but more importantly, it cannot have toxic and side effects on pregnant women and fetuses.Cold cold is one of the common diseases of pregnant women. Many drugs for treating cold colds have certain side effects on pregnant women. Therefore, many pregnant women have cold colds and dare not take medicine for treatment. They not only delay the disease, but also bear the pain of the disease.In fact, it has a good effect with Taste Chinese Medicine to treat wind and cold. It not only has no toxic and side effects on pregnant women, but also helps to be available. Pregnant women can definitely use it with confidence. It is also very common.Perilla.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that perilla aroma is strong, medicinal is warm, and the spleen and lungs have two sutras. Therefore, it has the effect of sweating and solving.Symptoms; modern pharmacological studies have found that the volatile components contained in perilla can expand skin blood vessels, stimulate the secretion of sweat glands to achieve the role of sweating, and reduce bronchial secretions, alleviate bronchial spasm, and achieve town cough and expectorant.In addition, perilla can still be wide and middle, stomach and vomiting, treat qi and fetuses, treat chest tightness discomfort, nausea and vomiting caused by spleen and stomach qi stagnation, such as Huoxiangzheng Qiqi liquid of wet and vomiting, which contains purpleSu’s composition.Because Peristees have the effect of inhibiting uterine contraction and promoting digestive fluid secretion and increasing gastrointestinal motility, they can not only rational qi and stomach, but also stop vomiting. It is especially suitable for pregnancy and vomiting. It is definitely the grace of pregnant women.


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Secret sauce


30g of ginger, 10 pieces of fresh perilla leaves, an appropriate amount of salt and oil.


Wash the ingredients, cut the ginger and Su Ye, and mix with salt. Before consumption, heat the edible oil or sesame oil with a pan, and pour it into the ginger Su Rong.It can be used as sauce with white -cut chicken, white shredded shrimp, steamed crab or noodles, bibimbap, etc.

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Traditional Chinese medicine believes that perilla leaves have the effects of publishing, cold, qi, and camp, and tires."Compendium of Materia Medica" contains "the qi is wide in the middle, clear phlegm and lungs, and blood, warmth, pain relief, fixed asthma, and tire."Ginger flavor, slightly warm sex, sweating and solving the table, warmth, relieving vomiting, warm lungs and relieving cough, relieving fish and crab poison, and promoting appetite.Ginger and Su Ye are used in the same, the fragrance is strong, and it does not feel faint without soy sauce. It is a good way to reduce the salt intake of one day unconsciously.It is especially suitable for people who are suitable for cold physique, easy to catch cold, or those who are vomiting and disliked during pregnancy.

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