What should I do if I feel uncomfortable to sleep in the third trimester?Experienced mothers come to support, let you sleep at night!

Recently, I have been busy writing, so that many friends are negligible, and I feel sorry.No, yesterday, my friend Xiu Xiu also called and complained about me, saying that we can often gather together, often drinking tea, eating and eating, and there are always many topics to tell each other. It feels good.

Since she was pregnant, she resigned from the workplace to raise her fetus at home, and I have become a house girl sitting in front of the computer every day.It may be the reason why she was fatal caused by the early pregnancy reaction in the early stages of pregnancy. She didn’t come out twice, so she was too lazy to ask her.Time passed. Yesterday, she called and said that she was 8 months pregnant. She was always sleeping well when she was sleeping. How could she be uncomfortable? She asked me what to do?Seeking me for her support.

Although I haven’t seen it for a long time, I am still a good friend.I understand that I ca n’t sleep well and uncomfortable, especially if pregnant women do n’t sleep well, it will not only have an impact on their own health, but also have no good for the baby in the stomach.Moreover, 8 months of pregnancy have belonged to the third trimester. The closer to childbirth, the more obvious the pregnant mother’s physical discomfort will be.Due to the larger abdomen of pregnant women in the third trimester, it is not easy to adjust the comfortable sleeping position, and even affected by the obvious fetal movement at night, it may make it difficult for pregnant mothers to fall asleep.

1. Some pregnant women may feel particularly anxious because they are about to give birth, and their psychological pressures are also big, which causes insomnia.If so, pregnant mothers must first adjust their mentality, relax, bubble their feet before going to bed, and listen to music with their babies, chat with prospective dad, etc.A good way helps to enter the state of sleep easily.

2. Some pregnant mothers are sleeping too much during the day, and they sleep less at night.Some pregnant mothers may cause insomnia because of sleeping positions and make themselves uncomfortable.If this is the case, pregnant mothers can reduce the daytime sleeping time or not to sleep at noon, so that they can enter the tired state earlier at night, which will help to help pregnant mothers fall asleep early.

3. If the pregnant mother is too uncomfortable to sleep because of too much abdomen, then the pregnant mother can sleep on the abdomen pillow or buy a pregnant woman pillow on the Internet.Mom affects the problem of poor sleep because of sleeping posture, thereby alleviating the problem of poor sleep quality in pregnant women.

4. In the third trimester, the prospective dad can help expectant mothers turn over at night, help expectant mothers to get up to the toilet to move, pull, and help one help.quality.

In normal life, I want to have the same situation as Xiuxiu’s pregnant mothers in sleep. I hope that through the above text, I can help everyone, and I wish all pregnant mothers have a good and sweet sleep.I wish you all a good luck!

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