What should I do if I fall during pregnancy?

With the huge changes in the belly during pregnancy, especially in the middle and late pregnancy, the body of the pregnant mother is more inconvenient, the chance of falling is very high, the center of gravity is often unstable, and some pregnant mothers will also fall unconsciously.

The consequences of falling during pregnancy

If you fall heavy or the belly to the ground, early peeling of the placenta may occur, that is, the placenta is separated from the uterine wall, which will affect the oxygen and nutritional supply of the fetus, hypoxia, and death in severe cases.

When the placenta is stripped early, abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding will occur. Once this happens, you need to go to the hospital immediately.

If there is no abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding, you also need to pay attention to the fetal movement after wrestling. Any abnormal manifestations of fetal movement. If the fetal movement is very frequent, you should also go to the hospital for treatment.

If the fetal movement is normal, there is no bleeding or abdominal pain. It is estimated that the situation is better. If you have conditions, you should listen to the fetal heart, or do fetal heart monitoring tests if necessary to affirm whether the fetus is in a good situation.

How to minimize the harm

Although the consequences of falling during pregnancy are serious, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much.The baby lives in the uterus of a pregnant mother, surrounded by amniotic fluid, and amniotic fluid can play a good buffering role. Slight bumps will not cause any big deal.

The most serious thing about falling during pregnancy is the belly to the ground, so if you really fall inadvertently, you must try to choose these two protective postures:

1. Support the ground to avoid belly to the ground

When accidentally sliding or falling, leading to leaning forward, choosing your knees to kneel on the ground and arm to support the ground to avoid hurting your stomach.

2. If you can’t support the ground on the ground, choose the side

It is a subconscious response to holding the body with your hand, but if you can’t take this posture, let yourself lie on the ground as much as possible to avoid your stomach.

How to deal with unexpected falls

Regardless of whether the pregnant mother fell or falling downstairs while taking a bath at home, the first priority was to support the pregnant mother.

However, it should be noted that helping pregnant mothers should not forget the severity because they are anxious, and do not drag hard to avoid straining the pregnant mother.

After the pregnant mother fell, the doctor was sent to the hospital as soon as possible. The doctor usually asked the pregnant mother in detail how to fall.

Each fell of the pregnant mother fell to the ground. Some were kneeling on the ground, some fell to the ground, and the belly was directly on the ground.

Under normal circumstances, if the abdomen is not directly on the ground, the doctor will let the pregnant mother go back after checking it; but if you just encounter the abdomen, the doctor may ask the pregnant mother to stay in the hospital to observe according to the situation.

How does pregnant mother prevent falling?

1. Wear anti -slip shoes

Preventing a pregnant mother, it is best to wear non -slip shoes.You must not wear shoes with too slippery shoes after pregnancy, shoes with too high heels, and shoes that are too thick at the bottom.

2. Take a lot of time to walk in time

When pregnant mothers are pregnant, if they walk too much, then they must pay attention to rest, because the pregnant mother is easy to fall in the case of physical weakness, which will also make the pregnant mother feel laborious and fatigue. It is recommendedIt is best to take a while to take a while to take a while.

3. Observe the surrounding situation carefully

Be careful to see if the floor ahead is easy to slip; bad weather is the easiest to have problems, such as rain and snow, so it is best to check the weather forecast in advance. If you have to go out in such a weather, it is best to accompany someone;He is the handle; when you get on and out of the car, say hello to the driver in advance, ask him to leave time for you; try to arrange your time as much as possible, do not "catch up."

4. Be careful when changing the posture

When you are ready to change your posture, if you sit up for a long time, it is best to find a support; if you are uncomfortable or dizzy, find a supporting support or squat or sit down, try not to let yourself fall directly, be consciously consciousIn the case, find someone to help.

The result of accidental falls is light or heavy, and it is necessary to risk risks for pregnant mothers and families.Therefore, pregnant mothers and family must pay more attention to daily life. In fact, as long as the protection work is done, it can be avoided.

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