What should I do if I do wisdom tooth inflammation during pregnancy

Before preparing for pregnancy, women have the most important preparation work in addition to oral folic acid, which is the oral cavity. Before pregnancy, all relevant oral problems are solved to avoid oral problems during pregnancy.However, in reality, some women did not solve the oral problem at all before pregnancy, resulting in oral problems during pregnancy, such as periodontitis, gingivitis, dental caries, wisdom teeth, etc.How to do it?Before answering this question, let’s get to know the wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are often said that people often say that they are close to their throats, and they are mainly sprung up after the age of 16.Compared with ordinary people, the chances of wisdom teeth in pregnant women are relatively high, which increases the discomfort of pregnant women.

After the wisdom teeth are sprouting, some people are afraid of removing, so they take some anti -inflammatory drugs to relieve pain.The dentist suggested that after the wisdom teeth have pain, it should be removed in time at the right time to avoid serious consequences.

At present, people’s food is relatively fine, so the jaw bone is relatively small. When the wisdom teeth are sprouting, there is no enough space to accommodate wisdom teeth. This also causes the wisdom tooth to be able to completely sprout or sprout. The clinical professional terms are called obstructive teeth.

The abnormal wisdom tooth causes the cheek mucosa to be repeatedly bite, which eventually causes erosion and ulcer.When the wisdom teeth sprout at a tilted angle, it will be absorbed by the root of the second molar, which will cause tooth cysts.In the early stage of the acute seizure of wisdom teeth, the soft tissue beside the throat of the affected side appeared, especially when swallowing and eating.Dance pain, some patients will also affect the ear, symptoms of reflex pain, and when the symptoms are more serious, the mouth will also be limited.

In the outpatient department of the hospital, pregnant women come to see a doctor every day. Their oral problems are wisdom tooth crown inflammation, periodontitis, etc. These problems are not obvious before pregnancy, which is ignored.The level of estrogen in the body has improved, and the blood vessels with swollen gums are also proliferated. The transparency of the blood vessels is enhanced, which eventually induces gum inflammation. This is why the oral problems of the pregnancy show concentrated.During pregnancy, women’s eating habits have also changed a lot, which is more conducive to the growth of bacteria in the mouth.After pregnant women’s wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan, the situation will increase after leading to the infection of the mandibular facial clearance.

Generally, once the wisdom teeth are combined with trigeminal neuralgia, lower jaw pain, and crown inflammation, it indicates that the wisdom teeth have seriously affected the surrounding teeth and increased the occurrence of inflammation. Therefore, once there are wisdom teeth, it should be removed in time.

It is relatively simple to remove wisdom teeth, but pregnant women are different. The process of removing wisdom teeth due to certain stimulation, which causes abortion of pregnant women.Normal growth and development have a serious impact.What’s more serious is that the oral problem of pregnant women will affect the fetus, such as premature birth.

Once any oral hygiene occurs during pregnancy, pregnant women should go to a regular hospital for treatment. During the treatment, doctors need to be cautious and ask the obstetrician’s opinions to choose the appropriate time for scientific treatment.The treatment time is usually in the middle of pregnancy.However, for pregnant women with a history of abortion and premature birth, they must be cautious during treatment, and the intelligent teeth can not be pulled out. General treatment can be performed first to alleviate the adverse symptoms of pregnant women.

If the tooth of the pregnant woman is inflamed, whether it can use antibiotics is also a question worth exploring. Dental doctors are afraid to prescribe antibiotic drugs for pregnant women. Even if pregnant women are prescribed, they dare not use it.

For whether you can use antibacterial drugs, you can’t pay too much attention to the fetus and ignore the mother.In different periods of pregnancy, the impact of antibacterial drugs on the fetus is also different.In general, penicillin and cephalosporin antibiotics can be used during pregnancy. Once antibacterial drugs must be used, they can be used strictly in accordance with the doctor’s order to ensure the safety of medication.

Small common sense of oral care during pregnancy

1) Early pregnancy

Early pregnancy pregnancy reactions are serious, and mouthwash can be used instead of toothpaste.

2) In the middle of pregnancy

The pregnancy response is eased. When brushing the teeth, select a softer toothbrush. Toothpaste should choose fluoride and lignol. For pregnant women with periodontitis, it should use a very fine brush toothbrush.

3) The early pregnancy

Persist in brushing your teeth and clean your mouth.

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