What should I do if I do back pain in the third trimester?Master 4 moves, you can easily relieve back pain

The hard work of pregnancy can only be experienced by mothers who have experienced it best, and their physical and mental will suffer a lot of "torture".Especially in the third trimester, many expectant mothers will have back pain. They cannot sit for a long time, and they cannot stand for a long time. Even if they are lying on the bed, they are uncomfortable. It is miserable!

There are many factors that cause mother’s back pain. First, the continuous increase of the fetus and the increase of the amniotic fluid, which brings greater weight to the lumbar spine.Secondly, the hormone changes in the mother’s body cause the pelvic ligament to relax and affect the lumbar spine.Of course, some foreign factors, such as excessive weight and calcium deficiency, can cause back pain.

Back pain in the third trimester is a normal physiological phenomenon. Moms don’t have to worry.However, back pain will also bring certain inconvenience to the mother’s daily life, especially calcium deficiency, which may also delay fetal development, so you must try your best to improve.For back pain in the third trimester, my mother may wish to try these 4 little tricks to help you.

Reasonable control of weight

Many pregnant mothers will hold one person to eat the mentality of two people, and supplement many nutrients. This approach is wrong.There is a range of weight gain during pregnancy. Try not to exceed 30 pounds, otherwise it will not only cause postpartum obesity, but also aggravate back pain.If you want to relieve back pain, your mother still has to control the weight reasonably.

1.1 Appropriate exercise exercise

Exercise is an effective way to control weight. During the exercise, accelerate the blood circulation and metabolic speed of the mother’s whole body, and promote the consumption of excess energy in the body, which can effectively alleviate the rapid growth of the weight.Therefore, do n’t be lazy for pregnant mothers, of course, try to choose easy exercise.

1.2 Eat less greasy food

In the third trimester, due to the continuous growth of the fetus to the mother’s intestines, the speed of gastrointestinal motility will decrease.If you eat too much greasy food, it is easy to cause indigestion and cause a lot of fat accumulation.If you want to better control your weight, it is best to eat less high -greasy food.

1.3 Do not add meals at night

After all, after pregnancy, the mother needs to provide energy to two people, so the amount of food will be relatively large, and it is easy to be hungry. Some mothers will habitually add meals.However, you must try to avoid this time at night. At night, when the body’s function is resting, the gastrointestinal digestive ability will decrease appropriately.

Pay attention to calcium

During fetal development, nutrients are derived from the mother’s body. The third trimester is the peak period for their physical development. There are more nutrition, especially calcium elements.If the mother does not replenish calcium in time, it will not only affect the development of the fetus, but also cause osteoporosis, but it is more likely to be sore back and back.

2.1 Eat more high calcium food

There are many ways to supplement calcium, but the mother must adopt the most scientific way.Of course, you should also pay attention to calcium supplementation appropriately and not too much, otherwise it will have a certain impact on physical health.Among the many calcium supplements, the most common food supplement is. Moms may wish to eat some calcium -rich foods every day.

2.2 Eating high calcium nutrition products

In addition to food supplements, there are still many high -calcium nutrition designed for pregnant mothers on the market. The most common is the calcium tablets of pregnant women. This type of calcium tablet has a high absorption rate, so it has also become the first choice for many pregnant mothers.However, after all, the calcium tablet brand is more diverse. Moms still have to polish their eyes when buying, recognize big brands, and be more guaranteed.

2.3 Days often expose the sun

When the outside world is sufficient, the mother should go outdoors to expose the sun, which can help effectively promote the transformation and absorption of calcium substances in the body, and make the bones of her and the fetus more robust.However, during the epidemic period, pregnant mothers should not go out for the time being. The resistance during pregnancy will decline, and it is easy to be taken advantage of the bacteria.

Guarantee sleep comfort

In the third trimester, the abdomen of the mother’s abdomen will be very obvious, and the action is inconvenient.Especially when sleeping in bed, it is more difficult to turn over.If you are uncomfortable at night, when you wake up, your waist is prone to sore symptoms.Therefore, mothers must ensure the comfort of sleep in the third trimester, which will greatly reduce the probability of back pain.

3.1 Persist in the left sleeping position

If the sleeping position is incorrect, it will also cause her mother’s back pain.For mothers in the third trimester, the best sleeping position is the left side.The use of the left sleeping position can not only improve the degree of right rotation of the mother’s uterus, increase the blood flow of the placenta, but also help relieve the symptoms of back pain. Moms in the third trimester should pay attention.

3.2 Soak hot water feet before bedtime

Every day in the third trimester, it is relatively suffering and tired for mothers.Therefore, my mother may wish to soak the hot feet before going to bed, and get a certain degree of relaxation of her body and mind, and it can also relieve fatigue. Moreover, after soaking her feet, the mother will be more likely to enter the sleep state. The effect is very good. Try it.

3.3 Drink less water before going to bed

In the third trimester, the increased fetus will further compress the mother’s bladder and cause the bladder to reduce urine output, so frequent urination will increase.At night, the mother may be frequently in the bathroom. The mother was prone to insomnia during the third trimester. In this way, the mother’s sleep quality will be worse.

It is appropriate to wear

In the third trimester of pregnancy, she had a big belly, and it was inconvenient to walk. Without a while, her mother might have sore back.In order to alleviate back pain, in the third trimester, mothers must make some adjustments in their own wear. The clothes are elastic and comfortable, and the comfort is strong to prevent the abdomen from the abdomen.

4.1 Optional belly holding pants

My mother walks around every day, and the fetus will bring a greater sense of weight to the back, causing back pain.In order to reduce the oppression of the fetus on the lumbar spine, mothers can wear pants with abdominal function.In this way, the abdomen of the mother’s fall is equivalent to the support of external forces. The lumbar spine is small, and the natural back pain is mild.

4.2 Forbidden to wear with heel shoes

In the third trimester, my mother prohibits wearing shoes, it is best to be flat shoes, and it will be safer to walk.Otherwise, the mother wears shoes with heels will cause the body’s center of gravity to move forward. Not only is it easy to fall, it will also cause back pain.However, due to the edema of the mother’s feet, the flat shoes you wear should also be soft and comfortable.

Although back pain in the third trimester is a normal phenomenon, it is also a torture for pregnant mothers.Through these 4 methods, you can effectively relieve back pain, and your mother must master it firmly.

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