What should I do if I am pregnant during breastfeeding?

The reasonable and healthy life between husband and wife is necessary to enhance good feelings. Even female friends who are in breastfeeding cannot lack this item, but do you think that if you do not pay attention to effective contraception at this time, it will happen for it.It is quite harmful to the body during lactation.What should I do if I am pregnant during breastfeeding?

What should I do if I am pregnant during breastfeeding?Is the rate of pregnancy during lactation:?

In fact, the probability of pregnant pregnancy is relatively low. Why?Because the new mothers during breastfeeding, because the baby is supplemented by sucking nipples every day, this process will allow the mother’s pituitary lobe to secrete prolactin and stimulate the maternal posterior pitulesIt can inhibit the release of the adenoxistoster factors in mothers ‘body, which will greatly reduce the function of the ovaries of mothers, reduce ovulation in the body or even stop, and naturally reduce the probability of mothers’ conception during lactation.

Therefore, from a physiological perspective, mothers will not get pregnant as long as they breastfeed their babies normally every day.However, low probability does not mean that the probability is zero, and some mothers will still get pregnant during breastfeeding.And breastfeeding pregnancy is a very tricky thing, because at this moment, the uterus of the new mothers has not yet fully recovered, and artificial abortion is a dangerous thing.Causes complications or bleeding, and so on.

It can be seen that if new parents want to perform sexual life during breastfeeding during the new mothers, they should still pay attention to contraception. Do not have a chance to avoid problems.

So, what if the new mothers are really accidentally pregnant during lactation?Then look down!

What should I do if I am pregnant during breastfeeding?Measures for pregnancy during breastfeeding:

If the new mothers are pregnant during breastfeeding, but they do not have a baby’s plan, then the first thing you have to do is to stop breastfeeding for your baby.This is because if you are pregnant, the hormone secretion in your body will change, which will affect the secretion of milk, and it is not suitable to breastfeed your baby.

Secondly, you need to perform abortion surgery through abortion.It is not recommended to use drugs here, because the time required for drug abortion is relatively long, and generally new mothers need to take drugs for 3 days, and the whole process is very likely that the flow is not clean.At the same time, it is even less suitable for breastfeeding to take medicine.Therefore, it is generally recommended that you directly adopt people’s flow.

The road recognition is generally divided into painless flow and painful flow. Painlessness is mainly achieved by playing general anesthesia. At this time, it is not possible to breastfeed the baby. It is necessary to wait for the drug to be completely metabolized and then restore breastfeeding.

And pain is an ordinary flow of people. It has pain, but it will not affect the baby’s breast feeding without taking medicine and anesthesia.

No matter what method you use to use to perform the flow of people, you must pay attention to timely, follow the doctor’s advice, and find a regular hospital for treatment to avoid sequelae.As for whether you need to take anti -inflammatory drugs after surgery, follow the doctor’s arrangement.In particular, you must inform your doctor that you are in breastfeeding. The doctor will help you make the correct judgment to see if you need to eat antibiotics, or whether it is suitable for breastfeeding.

Although it is very low in pregnancy in breastfeeding during breastfeeding, it is not fully guaranteed that the chance of pregnancy will not be fully guaranteed in lactation.The best insurance should take effective contraceptive measures in a timely manner.

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