What should I do if I am pregnant?How to guide derailed men to solve the illegitimate child crisis separation of the primary three

Derailed men derailed for true love, and Primary Three also conceived the illegitimate children of two people. This should be the most unwanted situation.

Many original matching is in this case that there is no way to solve it. Choose to find Lanfang for help.

For example, a derailed case that Lan Fang had just resolved a while ago, the original Ms. Zhou was the case.

Ms. Zhou and her husband have been married for more than ten years. There is a pair of twins in elementary school.

When they were just married, they were also very loving. Both were ordinary office workers. The pressure of the two children made the two busy life.

There is no time to talk about love at all, and the relationship will naturally fade. Last year, two people were promoted before and after, and the income became higher.

Only when she eased the economic pressure. When Ms. Zhou wanted to start maintaining the relationship between her husband and wife, she found that her husband was unwilling to be close to her.

She didn’t think much at first, because her husband was unwilling to be close, but she was very good for her to her children.

As a result, at the beginning of this year, her sudden pregnancy was caught off guard. Her husband was derailed since last year.

Both of them are busy and busy because of their promotion, they are very stressful, and they don’t comfort each other.

Ms. Zhou gritted her teeth, but her husband relieved by looking for Primary Three to comfort.

Therefore, the derailed man has true feelings for Primary Three, but he never thought about divorce for Primary Three.

The reason for the appearance of Primary Three is obvious. I want derailed men to divorce and marry themselves, and be responsible for themselves and their children.

Derailed men are tangled and do not want to divorce, but they do not want to abandon Xiaosan and children.

Ms. Zhou didn’t know how to solve such a bad situation, so she came to Lanfang to seek help.

In the case of this kind of pregnancy forced the palace, the original match must guide the derailed men

If the original match is to find Primary Three, there will be no effect in intimidation. Xiaosan will sue with the derailed men and says that you want to hurt their children.

So you can only start with a derailed man and find a way to guide derailed men to solve the illegitimate child crisis.

Under what circumstances will the derailed men do not want the children of the Primary Three, and they take the initiative to ask Xiao San to kill the child?

That is, the illegitimate child of a derailed man realized that this child was the most unfavorable to him.

He now has two children with the original match. He does not need a child of Primary Three at all. The child is not good for him, but it is not good.

Only in this case, the derailed man will take the initiative to find a way to let Xiao San go out of the child.

The original match wants to let the derailed man recognize this, you can do it from these aspects.

On the one hand, Ms. Zhou and her husband are not more rich families. Two people are office workers with higher income.

Both of them are more stressful to raise two children. Coupled with the children of the third three, the derailed men can actually afford it.

Xiaosan refused to work after pregnancy. She had no income, and her economic pressure was derailed men.

Although the derailed man feels that he and Primary Three have true feelings, he is not a person who talks about feelings regardless of reality.

He will have a child with a young three because he does not realize economic issues.

He and Ms. Zhou’s children took care of Ms. Zhou, and he didn’t know how high the funds consumed by raising a child.

So according to this, Lan Fang asked Ms. Zhou to calculate a detailed bill to the derailed man,

Let the derailed man know how much milk powder is needed for a month, how much will it cost if you get sick when you get sick,

And now he has raised two children who have to go to an interest class in elementary school, and how much pressure to raise a newborn need to let him understand.

Basically, his monthly salary is spent on the side of Xiao San.

Either he spends his salary at home, and the children of Primary Three and Primary Three, you can choose a derailed man to choose.

Derailed men and Xiaosan derailment will say that they are not emotional to the original match, but he is still very scared.

So even if he would not make a choice immediately, to find Xiao San to let Xiaosan go away, his psychology has shaken.

He began to shake, and Ms. Zhou could put greater pressure on him on the other hand, so that he would completely give up his thoughts with the children of the young three.

On the other hand, after the birth of an illegitimate child, a series of threats to him will cause him.

For example, if the illegitimate child is really born, the probability of being discovered by others will increase, and he does not want to destroy the image of his good man.

When an illegitimate child grows up, Xiaosan can hide, but it is difficult to hide the illegitimate child.

Ms. Zhou’s husband is derailed for love. With children, they are surrounded by children, and love is likely to be obliterated.

And the derailed men have two children, and the children have already available in their marriage.

Another example is that the illegitimate child was born and he was derailed. If Ms. Zhou wants to divorce, it will become easier to get more property.

For example, the birth of an illegitimate child is equivalent to completely bound his relationship with Primary Three, and he can’t get rid of Primary Three in his life.

In addition to bringing economic pressure on the derailed men, the consumption of reputation will also cause the emotional problems between the derailed men and the Primary Three.

If the economic situation is not allowed to completely choose the derailed men to choose not to have illegitimate children, these aspects are enough to shake the derailed men.

Ms. Zhou’s husband finally told Ms. Zhou that he would go to Xiaosan to talk about this question.

Lan Fang told Ms. Zhou that after the iron was hot, after persuading the derailed man with various reasons, the derailed man must immediately negotiate with the third three.

On the one hand, because the situation of Xiao San’s pregnancy cannot be dragged at all, you dragged for a few months, the month is big, and you can’t have a miscarriage. Your previous efforts are in vain.

On the other hand, most people are. When making a decision, it is the most firm time. If you do n’t do it,

Slowly, they will start hesitation and entanglement, their will will become unstable, and it is likely to give up.

Therefore, we must let the derailed man immediately go to Xiao San to chat and quickly solve this problem.

In fact, as long as the derailment man really goes to talk about the child’s problem with Xiao San, whether he is successful or not is good for the original match,

If it is unsuccessful, the original wife can add fuel and jealousy and derailment man to say that Xiao San does not think for him, and it is not true for his love.

Or let the derailed man think that the reason why the Primary Three is going to have a child is another purpose, these purposes are not good for the derailed men.

In the face of their own interests and the interests of Primary Three, derailed men are selfish, and they will choose their own interests.

Then there will be contradictions between the two people. At this time, it is easy to separate the primary three.

And if Xiao San really listened to the derailed man and did a miscarriage, in fact, he would have a grudge of the derailed man.

At this time, the original match can use the grievances of the younger derailed man to create the contradiction between the two people.

Xiao San is dissatisfied with the derailed man, so the words and deeds will definitely change a lot. The original match stimulates Xiao San, let Xiaosan and the derailment man quarrel,

The contradiction between the two people is heavy. At this time, the original match will intervene in repairing the relationship between themselves and the derailed man, and turn the Primary three into a cube.

Then to separate Primary Three based on this, derailed men will become the help of the original match, and the success rate is very high.

In the end, Lan Fang reminded the extramarital affairs of the original match and the childhood pregnancy. The focus is on solving the child’s problem.

The original method must be to let the derailed man actively solve it, otherwise even if the original match can be solved,

Derailed men and Primary Three will hate the original match. The two people have the enemy of their enemies.

To solve derailed men, it is the best way to avoid this situation, but also the crisis of derailed men and Primary Three.

If you encounter similar emotional problems, you can pay attention to the blue square and ask for help.

I am Lanfang, an emotional mentor who tells the truth.

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