What should I do if I am in the household, what should I do when I encounter hepatitis B maternal?

Sometimes I see the sisters of Yueyue discussing the problem. Sometimes the maternal she encountered suffers from hepatitis B, and Yueyue becomes panic, fearing that she will accidentally be infected.

In fact, even if Yueyue encountered hepatitis B maternal, she didn’t need to be too nervous. During the time of the household, protecting himself, pay attention to the correct method.

First of all, Yueyue should learn about some knowledge about hepatitis B.The transmission of hepatitis B is relatively wide. The three main ways of communication must be remembered to avoid being infected by themselves.

Blood transmission

If Yueyue has a wound and the blood of patients with hepatitis B, it is easy to be transmitted.

If you contact some medical devices that are not strictly disinfected, such as syringes, acupuncture acupuncture, oral equipment, etc., it may also be infected.

Yueyue should avoid contact with the patient’s blood and the needle used to prevent infection.

Life path spread

Saliva, urine, milk, vaginal discharge, etc. can cause infection.

When you go to the household, you must bring your own daily necessities, including the chopsticks, etc., to avoid using mixed dishes with mixed mothers.

If you want to do breast massage or lactation for the mother, avoid wounds in your hands, wash your hands in time after massage.

Maternal and infant communication

Maternal and infant communication is mainly aimed at the infection between mothers and children, including in -palace transmission, childbirth transmission, and post -child dissemination.

Almost all Yueyue knows that hepatitis B is divided into Da Sanyang and Xiao Sanyang. So what are the differences between these two?

The difference between Da Sanyang and Xiaosanyang is mainly reflected in the strength of infectivity.

The big Sanyang refers to the active virus in the body and has a strong infectivity.And if the maternal is Xiaoyang, if the DNA detection is negative, liver function and B -ultrasound are normal, it means that there is no need to be isolation and treatment, and the contagiousness will be smaller.

Many mothers find hepatitis B after pregnancy, and doctors will block the maternal and infant transmission of hepatitis B virus. Generally, in this case, the baby does not have hepatitis B virus, so when you take care of your baby, you can rest assured.

In addition, if the maternal does not tell Yueyue that he has hepatitis B, Yueyue can pay attention to the hospital’s garbage when he was at the hospital.

Hospital garbage is divided into domestic waste and medical waste. Domestic waste is black. Medical waste is a double -layer yellow garbage bag. Yueyue try to avoid contact with medical waste.

Yueyue can also look at the mother’s bedside card, which concentrates a lot of information about the mother.

Under normal circumstances, the first -level care is red, the second -level care is yellow, and the third -level care is blue or green.If there is a infectious disease, there will generally have a figure on it to represent the degree of possible infection.

If it is red, it means that it is a first -level care, which is relatively large, yellow means that the infectivity is relatively small, and the green description is basically cured, and there is almost no contagiousness.

If Yueyue sees that the mother has infectious diseases, she can communicate with the mother or company, and decide whether to go to the household, so as not to go to the household.

It is recommended that every monthly vaccination of hepatitis B vaccine can basically ensure that hepatitis B is not infected. Even if a mother with hepatitis B virus is encountered, it can also avoid being infected.

During the time of the house, Yueyue should pay attention to hygiene and wash his hands frequently. It is not only good to himself, but also to ensure the health of the mother and baby.

Shangdi brought his own food and wearing supplies, and did not share tableware with your employer to ensure his health and left a good impression on customers.

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