What should I do if I am afraid of surgery?Try Chinese medicine treatment

After the domestic epidemic was basically controlled, Dr. Sydney was able to return from his hometown of Hubei.At the expiration of the isolation period, after the nucleic acid testing was negative, it started to work normally in early April. To this day, it has been diagnosed and treated with patients with diagnosis and treatment of patients with uterine cavity after abortion.This is probably one of the sequelae of the epidemic.

As long as there is a choice of abortion, there may be residual risks, that is, "incomplete abortion".The probability of "drug abortion" is slightly higher than the incomplete abortion than "artificial abortion".The reason why patients chose drug abortion were also because the abortion of drugs could avoid the pain of surgery.Regardless of "artificial abortion" or "drug abortion", it has varying degrees of damage to women’s bodies.The best way is to try to avoid pregnancy outside the plan and avoid abortion.

If the two must choose one, Dr. Sydney is more inclined to recommend drugs and abortion.Although taking medicine is long, the amount of bleeding is more, and it cannot be "followed", but at least it avoids the direct scraping of the uterine surgical equipment.Even if you are pregnant, you have to choose to terminate your pregnancy. You have to take your career and have a tight time. If you want to choose direct surgery, Dr. Sydney’s suggestion is to take two days of medicine first, and then perform the "curettage" surgery after the cervix softened.It will be much smaller.There are a small amount of bleeding or no bleeding; the tongue is dark purple, there is stasis; tense mood, anxiety; the range of the uterine cavity is not large, less than 3cm;

Biochemical soup comes from "Fu Qing’s Master Female Science • Postpartum".I use the flavored biochemical soup here, which increases the dose of promoting blood circulation and stasis.In order to achieve the purpose of removing stasis, nourishing blood and nourishing blood, strengthen uterine contraction, promote uterine recovery and discharge of residues in the palace, and reduce the amount of bleeding.It is recommended that the best medication time is within 2 weeks of incomplete abortion.The general medication time is about 1-2 weeks.But there are exceptions. Before I encountered a medicine for 4 weeks, the residue was completely clean.

This condition is special.In mid -March, she had discovered the residue of the uterine cavity in mid -March. She had not bleed at the end of March. Because the epidemic was not stable, she could not go to the doctor in time. It was not until April 15 to see the doctor.The day before the consultation, I went to the Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital to review the scope of the pelvic color Doppler ultrasound uterine cavity. The doctor suggested that she was scared and did not want to surgery.

To be honest, when I met this patient, more than 50 days after the drug flow, and the discovery of the uterine cavity for 30 days, Dr. Sydney had no bottom.But in the face of the patient’s expectations, I have to figure out a way anyway.I tried to slowly increase the dose of medication, and then carefully observe the performance after taking the medicine.When I was on the "May 1" holiday, I couldn’t ask for the color Doppler ultrasound, so I continued to take medicine.

On the 18th day of the medicine, the bleeding (I judged that it might be menstruation), and the blood volume was unprecedented. It was mixed with large pieces of pig liver -like blood clots.I, I suggest that she closely observes that if the blood volume continues until the next day, it has not been reduced, and I have to see the emergency department immediately.

As a result, the blood volume decreased the next day, and it became normal.After the blood is clean, review the pelvic color Doppler ultrasound, and the residual is gone.This is also the first case of Dr. Sydney’s diagnosis and treatment for so long and good treatment effect.Knowing that this special case was cured by itself, the sense of accomplishment was unparalleled, and the determination to relieve the pain from the medical as the patient was more firm.

unnecessary.The body is required to ensure a balanced diet, sufficient sleep, and relaxing the mental state.Abortion does not consume gas and blood like a child. Of course, it does not deny that there must be a certain degree of qi and blood damage.But you have not experienced dozens of hours of “bone open ten fingers”, nor do you leave a deep scar of cesarean section, and you do n’t need to take care of the baby ’s breastfeeding.eat.

(1) You can perform an appropriate amount of diet.I have really seen a patient who had giving birth to the embryo 8 weeks of pregnancy. I couldn’t stir the old man at home. After a month of "small confinement" after surgery, I ate and drink all kinds of greasy fish soup, pork rib soup, and my mother every day.Chicken soup, as a result, the total length of the weight, the weight increased by 20 pounds after a month.Isn’t this lost?

The appropriate amount of diet is feasible to focus on nutrition, and it is not recommended for excess.Some female friends are inherently weak, and their blood and blood are inadequate.

For example, ginseng hen soup, 1 old hen, 50 grams of Codonopsis, 50 grams of astragalus, about 50 grams of Huashan, 50 grams of jujube, right amount of rice wine.Stewed the hen with the slaughter and the internal organs, and consume it in the score.It has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, and is suitable for supplementary after abortion.In addition, carp soup can promote uterine contraction and eat in moderation.

(2) Supplement high -quality protein.Within half a month after miscarriage, you can eat more chicken, lean meat, eggs, milk and beans, soy products, etc.

(3) Supplement water and multiple vitamins.If the original body is weak and easy to sweat, you should replenish more water, drink a small amount of slow drinking, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

(4) Properly limit fat intake.After abortion, on the basis of normal diet, fat intake should be controlled at about 80 grams per day.

(5) Avoid spicy stimulation and cold food.Avoid spicy and irritating foods such as pepper, vinegar, pepper, ginger, as well as cold foods such as crab, field snails, river mussels, as well as fruits and ice cream.

(6) The spirit of raising, family members should care more.Physiological trauma is always accompanied by psychological changes. Women after abortion need to get more care. Some women may worry about abortion affecting their future reproductive health, anxiety and fear, and family members should care and enlighten them to help solve the solution to solve the solutionHeart knot, restore happiness and confidence.

Chinese medicine is indeed a treasure.Just as Academician Zhang Boli, the principal of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said in the interview that we Chinese have two sets of medicine to cure diseases. What is wrong?Yes, there is nothing bad, at least I am very fortunate, what do you think?

About the author: Sydney, undergraduate Chinese medicine, master’s degree in gynecology, and both traditional Chinese and Western medicine.Deliven the knowledge of science medicine, share the knowledge of health care, and grow with you.

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