What should I do during pregnancy?Use these three methods to help you easily relieve!

Most pregnant women have symptoms of constipation since the early pregnancy, and constipation will continue the entire pregnancy period. This situation will make pregnant mothers be invincible. What should I do if constipation during pregnancy?


Why does constipation during pregnancy?

Most pregnant women will supplement nutrition in large quantities during pregnancy. During this period, pregnant mothers will choose to eat a large amount of high -protein and high -fat foods, and the intake of vegetable fiber will be reduced, which will cause fiber in the gastrointestinal decreaseIt is not conducive to gastrointestinal digestion, and constipation will soon appear.

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In addition, in the middle stage of pregnancy, the progesterone in the body of pregnant mothers will become more.Naturally, it is more prone to symptoms of constipation.

Some pregnant women are because of some wrong concepts. They feel that they should lie down and rest after pregnancy, or sit and rest. They think that more exercise may be "moving tires."Gastrointestinal function, aggravating the symptoms of constipation.

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What are the dangers of pregnant mothers?

Many pregnant mothers are worried that if they go to the toilet, "um" will affect the baby.The impact of constipation during pregnancy can be large or small. For those who are light, they are manifested as abdominal pain and bloating. Severe constipation can cause intestinal obstruction and even cause premature birth.In the third trimester, constipation may also affect the childbirth process, cause extension of the output, and even difficulty in giving birth and postpartum bleeding, which can also cause reproductive system diseases.


What should I do if constipation during pregnancy?

Pregnancy constipation first mainly adjusts the lifestyle: adjusting diet structure, drinking more water, and appropriate activities to develop a good habit of defecating daily bowel movements.

① Dietary

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Increased dietary fiber and moisture intake can improve constipation. In short, eating more vegetables and more water.

Studies have found that multiple intake of fibrous food and drinking water can increase the amount of feces.Granua larger fibrous foods can enhance the expansion effect of feces, such as large grain grain products.In addition to fiber, sugar ingredients (such as apple, peaches, pears, pears, cherries, raisins, grapes, and nuts) are also beneficial to defecation.

The daily recommended intake of dietary fiber is 20-35g.

② moderate exercise

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It can improve the symptoms of constipation of quantile mothers who have been bed in a long -term bed and exercise.Evidence -based medical proof is useless, and long -term bed can increase the risk of deep venous thrombosis.

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Lactan is an artificial synthetic bicotin that is not metabolized by intestinal enzymes. Therefore, unlimited lactose leaves water and electrolytes in the intestinal cavity by penetrating.It takes a certain period of time (24-48 hours) to take effect.Constipation during pregnancy, good therapy for lactose sugar and small side effects.

Compound corner vegetable embolism -pregnant women have hemorrhoids with constipation, which can be used, which is lubricating, which is convenient for stinky excretion.

Generally, cautiously use Kaisali, glycerolin, and magnesium sulfate, and should not be enema to avoid causing abortion or premature birth.

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