What should a dog’s first pregnancy master?For these six points to help you prepare, welcome new life

Dogs are pregnant, whether they are planned or unwanted, it is a challenging thing for most owners.Because when a dog is pregnant for the first time, you will notice the sudden changes in its behavior and body, and these problems are sometimes difficult to deal with.In this article, we will gradually introduce all the tasks that need to be completed in this stage.Starting from the veterinarian, we have established a protected environment for new puppies.The dog’s pregnancy is 63 days, and most of the healthy dogs need to be intervened without many pregnancy.However, if the dog is pregnant for the first time, the suggestion below will help you.

When a dog is first pregnant, the first thing you want to do is to take it to see the veterinarian.In addition, there is another situation called fake pregnancy (or fake pregnancy). In this case, dogs usually show the symptoms of pregnancy after the estrus is over, but they are not pregnant.If your dog has the risk of caesarean section, the veterinarian will explain this process in detail and tell you how to do it.

First of all, veterinarians will perform abdominal ultrasonic examination of the dog and detect whether it is pregnant for the first time about three weeks.This method is safe, and it creates pictures of dog uterus through sound waves.However, the number of dogs may not be inferred from ultrasound, so it needs more testing.

Check the hormonal level with relaxation, and can more accurately confirm whether the dog is pregnant.After that, the veterinarian usually touch the dog’s belly and between 28 and 35 days of pregnancy to confirm the growth of puppies.It is necessary to ensure that experienced veterinarians can touch the dog’s belly, because if there is no experience and skills, it may cause catastrophic consequences, and even cause serious abortion, thereby causing the dog for life trauma.At the end of the production, starting from the 45th day, take your dog to the veterinarian to do X -ray examination, find the number of puppies in the dog’s uterus, and check their skeletal structure at the same time.

For 10-15 days before production, veterinarians will conduct the last inspection of it.This is also very important, because veterinarians will tell you what will happen during the production process.For some high -risk dog breeds, the pregnancy may be longer. Therefore, only experience veterinarians are the people you should consult.

Although the first pregnant dog does not need artificial intervention during childbirth.However, you should be ready to help it at any time to prevent any problems.Of course, you need to consult the items you need to prepare veterinarians.Some necessary supplies include:

Round head scissors

Because for the fragile puppy, round -headed scissors are safer and gentle.You need it to cut the puppy’s umbilical cord.


A necessary production equipment, because it can control excessive bleeding by curling umbilical brought.When you use hematopoietic tongs to reduce bleeding, the dental floss without waxing can help you.

Surgical gloves and lubricants

These two things are important, because if you need to interfere with the dog’s production process, you must ensure your safety.It is absolutely forbidden to touch the uterus or puppy with bare hands.


Because you need to track the body temperature of puppies, and new puppies cannot regulate your body temperature, the thermometer is essential.Put the rectal thermometer with Vaselin into the dog’s body and stay in the anus for a minute to obtain the reading.Ensure the record temperature and continuously monitor.

Nutrition and calcium supplements.

Dogs who are pregnant for the first time may encounter problems when giving birth, so milk substitutes must be used.

In addition to the above supplies, you also have to prepare some syringes to feed the puppy.

A healthy pregnancy dog and healthy beginner are the result of a nutritious diet. When the dog is pregnant, your pregnant mother will feel a loss of appetite and a tendency to vomit.Therefore, don’t let it take too much calories.Otherwise, this will only be converted into fat.

From the fifth week, you can increase the amount of dog food.This is the time when vitamin lacks start to appear.At this stage, veterinarians usually recommend taking prenatal vitamins and folic acid to avoid ligament and other problems.Gradually, the owner should add more fat and protein to her dog’s diet.Its liver and kidney will have more capabilities to break down food and use it for the body.Make sure she drinks enough water 24 hours a day.

According to her overall health, veterinarians will recommend that she take certain vitamins or supplements, and most of these supplements are water -soluble.Such supplements make up for the lack of calories that appear due to the loss of appetite.

When a dog is pregnant, it is wise to understand the potential problems and symptoms that may occur.

Difficulty or childbirth difficulties are the most common problems at any phase of the labor stage. This problem means that when the temperature of the uterus drops to less than 37.2 degrees Celsius, abnormal cubs will occur.Of course, there are also situations that affect puppies because of improper posture. When your dog first pregnant, you should pay attention to the following main types of difficulty:

Inertia or uterine dysfunction refers to the minimum effective contraction of the uterus.As a result, the dog’s temperature decreases, and no puppy is born.However, in the second stage, several puppies may be born.

Toxemia or milk refers to the decline in calcium in the blood in the blood a few weeks after childbirth or delivery.These symptoms are suddenly increased blood pressure, renal failure and convulsions, and sometimes even cause death.

Pregnancy diabetes, whether it is pancreatic failure or insulin resistance, will make your dog feel extreme drowsiness, thirst, and strong desire to eat.Her urine also has a sweet taste.In most cases, diet management and insulin injection can largely solve this problem.

Uterus infection like Brucelli disease comes from a bacteria called Brucetae. It has almost no symptoms, but it can cause dead tires, late abortion, premature birth or severe illness.

The problems of the production channel and reproductive tract are caused by the structural problems of the genital tract.

When your dog is pregnant for the first time, she will be confused about her physical changes.In the second half of the pregnancy, she is more inclined to think about and maintain a long -seated lifestyle.Therefore, you must provide her with a suitable, safe, warm and protected production area, which will also help puppy birth.

When the dog was pregnant for the first time, there was no experience like the owner.The owner needs more care and care.If the owner feels that he helps a dog to be born, it is a difficult thing.After the veterinarian evaluation, after the dog can be hospitalized for a long time, you can choose to foster the dog in a pet hospital.Otherwise, the owner still has to learn how to meet the new life with the dog.

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