What problems need to be paid attention to in the third trimester?

1. Rest more.Because the uterus obviously increases the pelvic cavity, it is prone to stomach pain, falling sensation, etc., so you need to rest more to avoid more serious situations caused by the aggravation of compression symptoms due to long -term stations or long -term walking.In addition, the study found that the mother’s sleep quality was not good within 2 years after giving birth.It may be difficult to fall asleep in the later stages of pregnancy, but you still need to pay attention to sleep. Once you remove things, your baby will not let you quiet.

2. Strengthen nutrition.Due to the need for fetal growth and development, pregnant women should consume sufficient nutrition to maintain in the third trimester. Therefore, the diet should be strengthened and pay attention to the balance and diversity of diet.You can eat more green vegetables, meat, rice porridge, etc.However, it is necessary to avoid overeating. If you are always prevented of excess nutrition, if the nutrition is excessive and the pregnant mother’s intake of excessive calories may cause abnormal tolerance of glucose, disorders of sugar metabolism, causing gestational diabetes, and may increase pregnancy high.The risk of the incidence of blood pressure syndrome directly leads to difficulty in childbirth.

4. On -time pregnancy test.In the late pregnancy, the number of pregnancy examinations should be appropriately increased. When the last pregnancy test was last, the doctor will inform the next pregnancy test to check on time in accordance with the doctor’s advice.

5. Be careful when you go out.In the late pregnancy, the stomach of the pregnant woman will become larger, and it will become very troublesome regardless of doing anything. Therefore, when going out, family members and friends must be together because safety is the first!

7. Pay attention to the signs of production.The birth process in the late pregnancy is generally: redness, regular contraction, water breaking, etc.If the pregnant woman is only red, it means that she is pregnant, but it is not yet about to be produced.But if pregnant women have periodic contractions or red, they must seek medical treatment in time.If the pregnant woman is broken, she must lie down immediately, raise her hips, and let her family send her to the hospital.

8. Keep an optimistic attitude

After experiencing the pregnancy reaction, the caution in the middle of the pregnancy is about to win, and it is necessary to encourage the mother to persist and be confident.Optimistic and positive and relaxed mentality is very helpful for breeding.Mother and child are connected to your heart. Believe in your expectations. Inner surprises, the little baby in the belly is best experienced.

After entering the third trimester, the body burden of pregnant mothers will be close to the peak. In addition, the delivery date is approaching, and many pregnant mothers will have a kind of excitement and tension.On the one hand, pregnant mothers must have a self -psychological solution; on the other hand, prospective father and other family members also need to help pregnant mothers come out of anxiety.

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