What preparations should I do for pregnancy

As we all know, pre -pregnancy examination is an important prevention method to avoid fertility defects caused by physical illness of husband and wife. It is the first level to reduce defects, avoid adverse pregnancy infants, and ensure eugenics.Let’s understand what preparations and examinations need to be made together.

First, the husband and wife are involved together, it is best to start preparing 3 months in advance in order to find problems in time, including:

1. Maintain mental health, treat pregnancy and childbirth rationally, and prevent the occurrence of psychological problems during pregnancy and postpartum.

2. Change bad lifestyle and lifestyle, reasonable nutrition and exercise, and control weight.

3. Supplement 0.4 to 0.8mg of folic acid every day, or composite vitamin -containing folic acid verified by evidence -based medicine.Pregnant women who have previously occurred in neural tube defects (NTD) need to supplement 4mg of folic acid a day.

4. Women who have genetic diseases, chronic diseases and infectious diseases need to be prepared for pregnancy.

5. Reasonable medication to avoid the use of drugs that may affect the normal development of the fetus.

6. Avoid contact with toxic and harmful substances in life and professional environment (such as radiation, high temperature, lead, mercury, benzene, arsenic, pesticide, etc.), avoid intimate contact with pets.

2. Evaluate high -risk factors before pregnancy:

1. Ask the health status of pregnant couples.Evaluate the history of chronic diseases, family and genetic history, and those who should not be tested should be notified in time; detailed understanding of bad pregnancy history, lifestyle, diet nutrition, occupational conditions and working environment, exercise (labor), family violence, interpersonal relationships, etc.

2. For detailed physical examination, including measurement of blood pressure, height, calculating the physical fitness index (BMI = kg/㎡), etc. The female BMI should be between 18-25.Expressing obesity, whether it is too high or too low, may cause difficulty in pregnancy or increase risk during pregnancy.

(Zhou Yunhua Meizhou Women’s Children’s Hospital Reproductive Medicine Center)

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