What kind of skin care products should be used during pregnancy, can pregnant women really not make up?

First of all, science science is some common sense of skin care during pregnancy. I believe this must be the doubts of every expectant mother.Are you pregnant?

Can.During pregnancy, it is necessary to pay more attention to sun protection than usual, because it is easy to grow spots during pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers find that the color spots on their bodies are aggravated or new chloasma during pregnancy. These are related to the changes in hormone levels during pregnancy and the sun exposure is not protected.The use of sunscreen is one of the important ways to prevent stains during pregnancy.After using sunscreen, only a small amount of ingredients can be absorbed into the human body through the skin. It is safe. Just choose a regular brand.

Can.It is recommended to use colorless lip balm. If you rub it red, try to choose a special lipstick during pregnancy. It is best to wipe off before drinking water and eat.Most of the regular and qualified brand lipstick contains lead, and pregnant mothers are extremely sensitive to heavy metals.However, because the lead content is very small, and the amount of suction is very small, the pregnant mothers need not worry.Unless you eat more than four lipsticks a day, it will cause lead poisoning to a certain extent.Therefore, the possibility of the fetus with lead lipstick is extremely low.Recommended lipstick and lipstick during pregnancy. I have written an article before. If you are interested, you can go and see

This is to be cautious, it is best not to.Because animal experiments have discovered that some hairdressing products may increase the risk of abnormal tires, but these chemicals are absorbed by the scalp and reached the possibility of affecting the amount of fetal development.For safety, it is best to do not hot hair during pregnancy or breastfeeding.If you really have this need, please use a regular and qualified product; make sure that the scalp is intact and no damage before use. Wash the scalp in time after use; pay attentionLimit reduction of inhalation of harmful chemicals.

If it is not necessary, try to avoid it.Nail polish usually contain pHThalates.It may affect the development of the reproductive system of male fetuses.If mothers must use such products, try to choose small irritating nail polish of regular brands, and they must be used in places with good ventilation environment, and pay attention to the frequency of use should not be too much.

try to avoid.Because anti -wrinkle skin care products mostly contain vitamin acid, although only a small amount of vitamin acid in external products is absorbed by the skin, there are currently individual clinical case reports suggesting that external use of vitamin acid during pregnancy may lead to teratogenic tires;And low weight birth.So it’s best not to use it.

Need to use it with caution.Most acne -removing skin cleansing products contain salicylic acid. Salmonic acid is a drug that is not suitable for pregnancy during pregnancy, and may induce fetal malformations.Some mothers were had good skin, but suddenly acne during pregnancy, which was related to the changes in estrogen levels during pregnancy.The slight acne can be tailing, and it will be fine later.If it is very serious, you can go to the dermatology department of the hospital, listen to the guidance of a professional doctor, and pay attention to explain your identity of your pregnant woman.

Vitamin A class

The ingredients A components in skin care products mainly include vitamin A acid, vitamin A, and vitamin A aldehyde. Vitamin A fat and vitamin A aldehyde can be converted into vitamin A acid in the skin, while vitamin A acid will increase the fetal teratogenic rateTherefore, pregnant mothers should prohibit skin care products containing this type of ingredients.

Salicylic acid

Salmonic acid mainly appears in acne -removing skin care products, and almost all acne products contain this ingredient.


The main role of peroxide is also acne, so it mainly appears in acne products.


AHA is what we call fruit acid, which mainly exists in exfoliating skin care products, so this type of skin care products should also be prohibited.

After talking about the precautions, let’s talk about some of the more easy products.First of all, the application of the following products: oily skin, thin stratum corneum, slight red blood wire, acne marks, and occasionally forehead easily grow acne.The products mentioned below are also for references of pot friends who are similar to the above. The specific use of experience and effects vary from person to person.

1⃣️ Cleansing:

The skin is more sensitive, so it is almost not exfoliated. The facial cleanser is used for amino acid facial cleanser, and I use it at night, and I only use water when I get up in the morning to wash my face.My requirements for facial cleanser are not high. As long as I wash it clean, the skin is not tight after washing the skin, not dry or oily.It is recommended that FreePlus’s amino acid facial cleanser. It is very comfortable after washing the face and cost -effective.The other is a beautiful Gaifen recommended by a beautiful makeup blogger. It is really surprising. It is too surprising. It is super cheap but super easy to use. It is gentle and comfortable.

2⃣️ Skin care:

In addition to the safety of skin care during pregnancy, it is better to pay attention to safety, colorless and tasteless products. I have used MAMA & KIDS moisturizing lotion with MAMA & KIDS.No one disappointed me, the taste was good, moisturizing and not greasy, I had to fall in love with myself.The bottle also feels good -looking. Japanese mothers’ favorite brands are very secure when they look at it.

The other went to buy HABA’s G dew+Shark Huan beauty oil.Many pregnant women are recommending these two.After using it, I thought it was pretty good. I thought that the beauty oil would have a burden on the oily skin. Later, I looked at the use method. The oil was not painted in large areas.1-2 drops of beauty oil.In this case, I do n’t feel oily at all. After shooting, the skin is much more soft. Personally, I feel that this set is more suitable for autumn and winter, which can protect and repair the skin cracking.The next morning, I woke up and the skin was smooth and soft.

3⃣️ Sunscreen:

I will use sunscreen all year round. People who have an umbrella must be used when they go out, because it is really easy to grow spots and need special main.Pay more attention to sun protection during pregnancy, because it is very easy to grow during pregnancy. Even if you go out without makeup, do not apply powder foundation, but sunscreen must be done.Before pregnancy, I always used Birou, refreshing and no burden. After pregnancy, I changed to Mama & KIDS sunscreen: In winter, use SPF23 Summer SPF50 PA ++ for pregnancy.Use ~ strong recommendation 推荐

4⃣️ Cosmetics:

Objects to go out or other makeup are also based on light makeup.After the cleansing water sun sunscreen in front, use CPB’s cream, star products in CPB, I use refreshing, mainly used to modify the pores and red blood silk before the foundation, very moisturizing, the whole base makeupKeep the time stretching.

Here is a misunderstanding about many people in the cream. In fact, there is no barrier cream. All the creams are actually two types, either before makeup milk or sunscreen. If you use sunscreen aheadIt was used for the isolation cream of sunscreen, which was completely unnecessary.And the pre -makeup milk is not necessary to use. If your skin is very good, the skin pores are delicate, and there are no problems such as red blood, it is rare to float powder, then you can not use it.

I used a little bit of this so -called quarantine cream before, and then used Three’s liquid foundation. It was dedicated to pregnant women. I saw a lot of pregnant mothers recommended. After using it, I liked the soft matte effect.Film, naturally makeup, and not stuck nor heavy.The whitening color number I bought in white is beautiful with a thin layer.Finally, use the loose powder of Yue Shi Feng Yin before pregnancy.Eye makeup is best not to melt, and do not often bring invisible, because the eyes are more sensitive during pregnancy.Draw an eyebrow and rub a lipstick to go out to the waves ~

5⃣️ makeup remover

I used to use Bannilan before. It is easy to use, that is, every time I have to buckle out of the jar and rub it on my face. It is a little troublesome, but the taste is very like.For a person with acne, I do n’t want to buy makeup remover oil, and I always feel that pores will be blocked, so it will be changed to Bedma’s makeup remover during pregnancy.It is clean and not oily.

6⃣️ Mask

Several Fresh’s masks were fried very hot. If you bought black tea, you feel that there is no success or repurchase.There are not many sheet masks that can be used during pregnancy. Friends have sent a can of sleeping mask of pro -moisturizing soy milk series. The pro -moisturizing is mainly to make pregnant women’s skin care products and cosmetics. Many products have good sales.EssenceCoupled with the Chunyu mask, which was used, the brand’s products of pregnant women, so they are still in pregnancy, which is very trustworthy.

In general, the basic moisturizing and hydrating during pregnancy should be done. Pay attention to sun protection. You can properly streamline the makeup procedures. Those useful cosmetics are as small as possible, not only because the skin is more sensitive during pregnancy, but also reduce the skin burden.The skin is really uncomfortable to say that there are too many layers on the face. As long as it makes the skin look natural and comfortable, what do you think?Welcome to exchange in the comment area ~

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