What kind of anesthesia is generally used in preparing cesarean section, will the anesthesia leave sequelae?

After pregnancy, some women must choose a cesarean section for various reasons.When a cesarean section, he needs to be used, and the elders in the family are worried that the hemp medicine will have side effects and will affect the baby.

Xiaojuan said that she would have a child to have a younger child, because the fetal position was also a cesarean section. When she was lying on the operating table, the anesthesiologist asked her to lie on the side and arch back, and then felt that a needle was pierced intoAfter a few minutes, the lower body became conscious, and the child did not feel any discomfort after birth.

And one of her relatives was also a cesarean section, because it was the second child at the time, and she was already an elderly mother. She said that she would feel the pain of playing mahjong after a cesarean section, and she felt that the memory was particularly poor. She thought it was the sequelae caused by anesthesia.

What kind of anesthesia is used during caesarean section?

During pregnancy, when the pregnant women cannot give birth due to various factors, caesarean section must be performed, so as to ensure the safety of pregnant mothers and babies, but as long as it is surgery, it is necessary to take anesthetic.

In addition, there are several forms of anesthesia methods for caesarean section, but the most used at present is lower body anesthesia, that is, in -spinal anesthesia.

It is to take anesthetic at the position of the pregnant mother’s waist.Because the spinal canal of the spine is our spinal nerves, the upper brain nerves, and the lower nerves are the activity of governing the lower body of the human body.

At present, this anesthesia method is relatively short, and the effect is better. The adverse reactions to pregnant women and babies are also very small. Relatively speaking, the safety index is very high, so this kind of anesthesia method is often used during caesarean section.

What are the sequelae of cesarean section?

Although all kinds of anesthesia technologies are now mature, anesthetic medicine will also produce some sequelae to the body.In fact, all thesine medicines will have sequelae, such as nausea, vomiting, lethargy, fatigue, etc.

Some mothers also have the phenomenon of weakness and drowsiness of the lower limbs. These are the side effects of anesthetic. Generally, after a few hours, they will slowly return to normal.

For the pain of anesthetic drugs, it will generally recover in the half -year postpartum. Because the lumbar spine will protrude forward during pregnancy, the anesthetic medicine is also on the waist, so it will feel painful in the waist and needle eyes.

However, a large part of the mother’s back pain, with changes during pregnancy, too tired to bring the baby after giving birth, the body has not fully recovered, it has little to do with hemp medicine.

Even many Bao moms say that the belly feels in the belly after cesarean section is in a numb state for a long time. These sequelae will slowly recover slowly 3-6 months after giving birth. Don’t worry.

Is the memory loss after cesarean section real?

Many mothers feel that the memory decreased after giving birth is caused by anesthetic medicine. In fact, it does make people unconsciously in a short period of time after the anesthetic.

However, it will return to normal after a few hours, and even some hemp medicine will be discharged over time.

The reason why many mothers think that the memory declines after giving birth is a large part of it is because of psychological reasons, and some are because they are too busy to bring their children and do not rest enough. They will feel that they often can’t remember things, and natural memory will decline.

When choosing the production method, you still have to listen to the doctor’s suggestion. If it is not suitable for the delivery, you can only have a cesarean section. You cannot want to have a caesarean section because of the side effects of the anesthetic.


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