What is the situation of stomach pain and vomiting in pregnant women?

Stomach pain and vomiting of pregnant women are a very common condition, and there are many causes of stomach pain and vomiting.It may be a normal pregnancy reaction, which may be due to indigestion and temporary symptoms caused by improper diet; at the same time, it may also be caused by acute gastritis, gastric ulcer, and gastric perforation.Here we will introduce the method of gastric pain and vomiting, gastric pain and vomiting in pregnant women, pregnant women with stomach pain and vomiting examination, pregnant women with stomach pain and vomiting treatment, and what is good for pregnant women with stomach pain and vomiting.

Pregnant women with stomach pain and vomiting

1. Pregnancy causes sphincter relaxation and gastric acid back flow.After pregnancy, due to the changes in hormones, the sphincter relaxes, and the food that is eaten is easy to run up (the sphincter is located at the connection between the esophagus and the stomach, and it makes what we eat can only go down).As a result, the acidic content in the stomach flows from the stomach to the esophagus, throat and mouth, and stimulates the mucous membrane.

2. When about 4 months of pregnancy, the uterus increases, and at the same time, the uterine round ligament is pulled, and many expectant mothers will feel somewhat abdominal pain.In the middle of pregnancy, the baby gradually grew up, and the stress in the abdominal cavity of the expectant mothers also rose.If the spare mothers’ esophageal pores (the esophageal pipes are connected to the stomach through this cracks), the esophageal cracked hernia may occur, so abdominal pain.At this time, abdominal pain is mostly accompanied by symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, chest pain, stomach acid back, and snoring.The incidence of about 30%to 50%during gestational hernia for esophageal pores, and sometimes symptoms are more obvious during the third trimester.

3. Gradual uterus compresses the stomach and stomach, resulting in stomach acid easier to return.In the third trimester, the uterus that increases monthly will also compress the stomach. In addition, the hormones make the muscles of the isolated esophagus and the stomach relaxing, which makes the stomach acid easier upward and make the chest burning.

4. Do not lover or eat cold and fat, causing spleen and stomach to injury, stagnation in the middle focus, and disadvantage of the gas machine to cause gastric pain.Or because of cold and cold injuries, the stomach yang is curbed, righteous and evil fights, and stomach pain is the work.

5. After the spleen and stomach are weak, the spleen and stomach is damaged or the spleen and stomach is weak, the middle yang is weak, and the cold is endogenous.Gastroinomin deficiency or disease for a long time, the stomach is lost, and the stomach qi can also cause pain.Elastic

Method of stomach pain and vomiting in pregnant women

1. Pinch your calf every day

Site: 1/3 of the muscle part (inner edge of gastrocnemius muscle) at the inner side of the calf belly.

Method: Press the above muscles with your hands. The thumb is opposite to the four fingers. Press slightly, and consciously has a strong soreness.Press from top to bottom, and then press from bottom.It is generally preferably 15-30 times each.According to pain, add or subtract as appropriate.It can be performed 1-3 times a day.

Note that in the process of pressing, you should have a rubbing movement -strong soreness, good pain relief effect, and do not force because of fear of soreness.

This method has a good effect on the stomach pain of acute attacks.The use of this method is also effective when the chronic gastric disease occurs.

2. Properly reduce the dietary amount

Because of the cause of hormone and uterine compression during pregnancy, gastrointestinal function will decrease, and many pregnant women implement great supplements during pregnancy. "Excessive foods consumed every day will cause the stomach to operate overload and cause stomach pain.Pregnant women’s diet, especially foods with high sugar.

3. Can give pregnant women some corn noodle porridge

If pregnant women have a stomach pain, you can drink more corn porridge for pregnant women. If you digest it, you can add a little bit of millet porridge, yam porridge (rice and yam are half, yam is cut, and the cooking time must be long.Usually open the pan for more than 15 minutes), try not to go with simple rice porridge.Don’t add auxiliary materials to the porridge at will, you can add a little jujube.The diet is mainly light. After the symptoms of gastric pain are reduced, high -calorie and nutritious foods are gradually added.

Pregnant women with stomach pain and vomiting

1. Conventional examination: Observe the symptoms of stomach pain, such as accompanied by chest tightness, heart, spit acid, snoring and other symptoms, may be esophageal diseases; if accompanied by empty stomach pain, fullness and hunger pain, snoring sour taste, and even vomiting blood, mayIt is a gastric ulcer; takes the time of pain as the basis for judgment, and stomach pain may be half an hour to two hours after meals.

2. Gastroscopy test and biopsy: Gastroscopy testing is the main method of diagnosis of chronic gastritis.The shallow gastritis is the most obvious, mostly diffuse, and the surface of the gastric mucosa is red and white or pattern changes. Sometimes it sees dispersal erosion and often has white or yellow and white exudate.The mucosa of atrophic gastritis is mostly pale or gray -white, and the wrinkled wall becomes thinner or flat. Due to the thinning of the gastric mucosa, the submucosal blood vessels can be seen in purple and blue, and the lesions can be filled or the main gastric sinus.Stomach liquid analysis: Chronic atrophic gastritis, gastric acid secretion often has obstacles, especially when chronic atrophic gastritis in the gastrointestinal part.

Therefore, pregnant women with severe stomach pain and vomiting should attract sufficient attention. They should go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time to prevent problems before they occur.During pregnancy, pregnant women are often worried about medication. In fact, in the face of some daily diseases in life, we should mainly focus on prevention, so that our fetus will be less affected by the drug during growth and development.At any time, pregnant mothers should realize that drugs have a negative effect on children, so pregnant women must be cautious on the problem of medication during pregnancy.If pregnant women need to take medicine, they must follow the doctor’s instructions quantitative and take them on time.

Pregnant women with stomach pain and vomiting treatment

Pregnant women are best not to take drugs for gastric disease in the early stages of pregnancy.Acute gastritis during pregnancy is generally healed by conservative treatment such as fasting and fluid. If vomiting occurs, vitamin B6 can be taken.If chronic gastric disease occurs after 3 months of pregnancy, the situation is more severe (such as gastric pain continues to be unable to relieve or has a history of gastric ulcer, suspecting that the recurrence of gastric ulcers may cause gastric bleeding) can be treated with Da Xilai.Other gastric drugs, such as acidic suppression agents (such as Simiidin, Omeprazole, etc.), gastrointestinal dynamic drugs (such as stomach recovery, morpholine), etc.of.

About half of women will have early pregnancy reactions in about 6 weeks of pregnancy, and sometimes symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and bloating.However, this phenomenon is different from stomach disease. Those with severe early pregnancy reactions can generally take vitamin B6 appropriately or supplement foods rich in vitamin B6, but it is best not to use gastric medicine.During pregnancy, medicine is easily absorbed by the fetus through the placenta. When encountering some drugs that ignore the growth of the fetus, it may cause harm to the fetus and even abortion. ThereforeOf course, if the symptoms of miscarriage are accidentally occurred, it should be allowed to flow away depending on the situation. This is the result of the natural choice. You cannot blindly protect the tire, otherwise there may be defects.

What are the stomach pain and vomiting of pregnant women to eat

1. Porridge

Porridge foods have always been the first choice for nourishing the stomach. Various porridge foods are not only rich in large amounts of nutrients, but also have the characteristics of easy digestion and absorption. Therefore, it is the best diet for patients with gastrointestinal diseases.The first choice.Among them, pumpkin porridge and corn porridge have the most effects on nourishing the stomach and alleviating stomach pain.

When pregnant women drink some corn porridge, you can add a little millet porridge, yam porridge (rice and yam are half, the yam is cut a bit, the cooking time must be longer, it must be more than 15 minutes longer than the usual time), try not to be simple as simple as simply.Rice porridge.Don’t add auxiliary materials to the porridge at will, you can add a little jujube.The diet is mainly light. After the symptoms of gastric pain are reduced, high -calorie and nutritious foods are gradually added.

2. Two types of drinks

Pregnant women’s appetite is not good, or jokes are not good, you can drink more milk, supplement nutrition, and soothe the brain.Don’t drink milk in the morning, but drink milk 1-2 hours after breakfast. There is food in the stomach to prevent the shortcomings of drinking milk on an empty stomach.In this way, milk can stay in the stomach for a long time. Milk and gastric juice can fully occur in enzymatic disintegration, so that protein can digest and absorb well.

3. Tangshui

Soup water does not include porridge foods, but this kind of food also has good stomach nourishing and alleviating stomach pain. The so -called soup is made from various ingredients.But be careful not to drink too much broth. If you want to really play the effect of nourishing the stomach, it is best to drink more vegetable soup in your daily life, such as like spinach fan soup and egg soup.

When boiling soup, be sure not to put salt too much to avoid damage to the stomach.

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