What is the reason for the long -term husband and wife life?

For everyone, I hope that there is a perfect marriage that can stand with their other half.However, if you want a long time, stable, and happiness, the love for each other is indispensable for each other.If one party no longer loves each other, then even if this marriage still maintains it, it is a kind of suffering for two people.

Many couples in real life are actually survived, but they are just husbands and wives.Although the two people are still commensurate with husband and wife and still live together, the two are already the most familiar strangers.

Although some husbands and wives have no feelings for each other, they still have no choice to take the road of breaking up. There will be many reasons.For the two couples, there is often their own reasons for their long -term life.Let’s hear how three women answer this question.

Ms. Liu

After my man was married, I really found his true face. He was an extremely selfish man.Regarding their affairs, he will attach great importance to small things.But for my family, he was always indifferent, and he didn’t look like a son -in -law at all.I do n’t take care of my feelings in many ways to do things. As long as he thinks it is right, it will be done very strongly, and I do n’t listen to my opinions at all.

Although I also thought about breaking up with him, I thought that I was older, and I was a bit difficult to find a man to marry.So I did n’t go to break up, but I chose to go through.

So I have no love for my man. After giving birth, I no longer want to have a husband and wife with him.Now if it is not for my child, I will not be able to insist on living with him.

Ms. Yang

Every woman is looking forward to a happy marriage, a man who loves himself and hurts himself.But many times the ideals always run counter to reality.My marriage made me feel warm and happy.Because he has not been pregnant for two years, he has not been seen everywhere in front of his mother -in -law, but even his man is getting cold to himself.

The couple’s life is always hastily, and I have never worried about my feelings.Let me slowly feel that such a marriage life is particularly boring, so I started to reject the life of husband and wife.

Because my bones are a very traditional woman and love face.So I dare not think about breaking up, and I am afraid of being looked down on myself by others.Even if you live this kind of life without love and life without husband and wife, I have to live hard.

Ms. Lin

The man and I have been married for 15 years, and the children are also 12 years old. The two of us can be regarded as the old husband and wife.In the first few years of marriage, the two of us were also love for love, full of passion for marriage.However, after a long time, the passion was slowly diluted by the various trivial matters of the chai rice oil and salt in life.

When we have a child, I have a little resistance to the life of my husband and wife after giving birth, and I don’t want to let the man touch me.Slowly, from the quilt to the bed to the bed, the two of us were gradually used to it.We don’t have much idea of the life of husband and wife, and the days still live as always, and they have not been affected by too much because they have no husband and wife life.

Now it can be said that the man and I are respecting each other. Except for the life of couples, we all get along well.

Emotional saying:

For couples, the life of husband and wife is actually a new link in marriage, and of course it is not to say that there must be this link.Even if some couples lack this link, they are also very happy, but if there is this link, the relationship between the couple can last for a long time and stable and firm.

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