What is the pulse of pregnancy?What is the difference between the pulse of pregnancy?

The ancient technology is far less developed as today, but some methods used by the ancients are very effective and have been used to this day, such as Chinese medicine.As we all know, the main principles of traditional Chinese medicine are "looking, smelling, asking, and cutting." In many costume TV series, people usually see the symptoms of women’s retching, and then ask the doctor to put the pulse. In most cases, it will be a vein.It is also learned from it that Chinese medicine can be pregnant by testing the pulse, which is also a common method for identifying women’s pregnancy in ancient times.

This has triggered the interest of many people. Many people know that the pulse and heart rate of normal people are the same, with a range of 60 ~ 100 times/min.Then, some people will have doubts: Since traditional Chinese medicine can test whether women are pregnant, what is the difference between the pulse of pregnancy?

In fact, there are still some errors by testing women’s pregnancy. Only old and experienced Chinese medicine doctors can be used.The pulse is affected by many aspects, such as hot and cold weather, human emotions, pressure, etc., so the pulse is not necessarily accurate.

Generally speaking, the pulse of women after pregnancy will not increase too much, and it will remain around 60 to 100 times, but compared to women without pregnancy, the pulse of pregnant women will be more powerful. This is also the slippery pulse of Chinese medicine.EssenceWhat I can feel is that the pulse after pregnancy is a little faster than before pregnancy, because the burden on the heart is worse, and the number of heartbeats to maintain the blood circulation of the whole body needs to be adjusted.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, after women are pregnant, the pulse will change to a certain amount. Of course, ordinary people are not seen.About 40 days of pregnancy, women’s pulse is slippery and can be touched. If it is too early, it may not be felt.The difference between slippery pulse and normal pulse is that the pulse beating will be more powerful than ordinary people, which is obviously different.This happened because the blood flow in the pregnant woman after pregnancy increased.

It is worth noting that the appearance of slippery veins does not mean that it must be pregnant.Under normal circumstances, slippery veins may also occur, and certain diseases may also cause slippery veins.In general, pregnancy is a slippery vein, but the absence of slippery veins is not necessarily pregnant.If a woman is pregnant, if a woman is pregnant, the finger of finger, middle finger, and ring fingers can feel a cheerful beating artery.If one of the three fingers does not feel beating, it is definitely not the pulse of pregnancy.

In life, if a woman has a slippery vein, don’t take it for granted that they are pregnant, because under normal circumstances or certain diseases may cause the appearance of slippery veins.After I feel that I have a slippery pulse, further inspection must be performed, such as using early pregnancy test strips or directly to the hospital for examination to see if they are pregnant.

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