What is the normal body temperature of the baby

The development of the newborn body temperature is not complete, the subcutaneous fat is thin, the heat dissipation is fast, the thermal insulation ability is worse than that of the normal person, and the body temperature is often unstable.If your parents cannot correctly control the body temperature of the baby, it is easy for the baby to be in danger, but you don’t know.Do you know what is the normal body temperature of your baby?How should we accurately measure the body temperature of the baby?

1. What is the normal body temperature of the baby

Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the baby’s armpit is normal between 36-37 degrees Celsius.If it is higher than 37.5, you should take it to see a doctor to avoid delaying the condition.Babies under the age of 1 often have too low body temperature, generally between 35-36 ° C. This is incompletely regulated by the baby’s body temperature regulation, large surface area, relatively thin subcutaneous fat, less brown fat storage and heating temperature increaseRelated.In the cold season, the baby’s metabolism is excessively active, the heat production increases, the heat dissipation increases, and the oxygen consumption increases.Normal people’s body temperature fluctuates slightly within 24 hours, and generally does not exceed 1 ° C under physiological conditions. It is slightly lower in the morning, and it is slightly higher in the afternoon or after exercise.The temperature of the elderly is slightly lower, and women are slightly higher before menstruation or during pregnancy.

2. Understand the abnormal temperature

If parents do not take effective warmth measures, they will often cause infant temperature to be too low, or even increase their body temperature. It is maintained between 28-35 ° C., Induced cold and pneumonia.Due to the cold damage of the body, the growth of growth and the increasing weight, severe cases can lead to cold injury syndrome, hypoxemia and respiratory suspension, increasing infant mortality.If the parents use the axillary thermometer to measure abnormal temperature, they should also consider the risk of fever.37.4-38 ° C is low heat, 38.1-39 ° C is medium heat, 39.1-41 ° C is high heat, and above 41 ° C is super high fever.If the child is low fever, you can cool it with a physical method, such as dipped in a towel with hot water on the child’s forehead, or wipe the forehead with alcohol cotton balls.When the body temperature is high, you can take hutong particles or new granules, or Merrill Forest Drops.When the temperature is high, it is best to go to the hospital for treatment.

3. Baby body temperature measurement method

1. Axillary measurement: This method is not easy to cross infection.The most commonly used method for measuring body temperature is to wipe the sweat of the underarms, put the mercury of the thermometer on the top of the internal organs, clamp it with the thermometer of the arm, and ask the patient not to move around.After 10 minutes, the normal value is 36 ~ 37 ° C.

2. Oral measurement: Use 75%alcohol to disinfect the thermometer, put it under the tongue, close the lips, and take out the read number after 5 minutes.The normal value is 36.3 ~ 37.2 ° C.

3. Anal measurement: It is mainly used for coma patients or children who lying on the back position, lubricate the head of the anus surface with oil, and then slowly insert it into the anus until it reaches 1/2 of the depth of the anus.After 3 minutes, the normal value is 36.5 ~ 37.7 ° C.

Due to the unstable function of the center of body temperature regulation, the metabolism is strong, and the body temperature is slightly higher than that of adults. Children also fluctuate under special circumstances.The baby’s body temperature measurement method is used and compared with normal body temperature.Once they deviate from the normal body temperature we provide and abnormal body temperature, parents should consider medical treatment

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