What is the impact of tattoos on the body?These 8 types of people are not suitable for tattoos

With the development of the economy and the rise of various industries, people pay more and more attention to dressing themselves.The tattoo industry is relatively rapid in development, and it is becoming more and more popular. Many people even have tattoos all over their bodies.

Tattoos are harmful to the body.

1. Tattoo pigments enter the human skin, which will have a certain impact on the human body.

2. Some inferior tattoo pigments are harmful of more harmful substances. People with sensitive skin will feel itchy and painful when they come into contact. The feeling of burning causes dermatitis and even cell mutations, causing cancer.

Therefore, tattoos need to be cautious, and there are other types of people who are not suitable for tattoos.

1. People with skin infectious diseases.

Such people’s skin tissue is more difficult to heal. If tattooing destroys the skin tissue, it will cause ulcers. Slowly healing rate will easily cause bacterial diffusion and cause diseases in other parts.

2. Patients with diabetes.

The immune system of diabetic patients is chaotic and is not easy to regulate. Therefore, once a tattoo is infected, the wound will be difficult to heal.

3. Patients with heart disease.

If the toxic substances of tattoo pigments enter the human body into the liver, they will have a strong stimulation of the heart, causing sudden death caused by heart disease.

4, color and anesthetic allergies.

If it is an allergic constitution.On the one hand, tattoos will affect the effect of tattoos, and on the other hand, it will cause skin ulcers in large areas.

5. Menstrual women.

Women during menstruation have declined in immune function in all aspects of their bodies.Therefore, if tattoos are more likely to cause germs to invade.

6. Pregnant women.

If pregnant women are stimulated by toxic substances, they will have an impact on the fetus in the body, which may affect the growth and development of the fetus, leading to congenital diseases or deformities.

7, drunk and unclear.

The metabolic place of alcohol is the liver. Excessive drinking can damage the liver and cause toxic substances to remain.Tattoo pigments are also metabolized by the liver, causing toxic substances.Together, the two have a greater impact on the liver.

8. Those under 18 years of age.

National law clearly stipulates that the age of tattoos must be at least 18 years old.

What are the precautions after tattoos?

1. Do not take a bath with a shower gel after tattooing to avoid stimulating the skin.

2. It is best to avoid direct sunlight where tattoos.It is best not to tattoo when there is a wound.

3. Do not tear it with your hands when tattoos are crusted, so as not to damage the skin and be infected.

4. Pay attention to dietary care, supplement sufficient vitamins, and improve immunity.

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