What is the heavier of urine during pregnancy?Need to deal with it?

Some pregnant mothers often tell me that after going to the toilet, the smell of urine in the toilet is heavier than before, and there is nothing to eat. Is there any problem?In fact, the smell of urine is heavier, which is very common. The main reasons are in the following aspects:

1. Urine concentration

Pregnant mothers drink less water, urine is concentrated, the concentration of various metabolites in the body increases, and the smell of urine will become heavier.Especially when there is an obvious pregnancy reaction in the early pregnancy, the smell of urine will become heavier.

2. Increased protein and other components in urine increase

The changes in pregnant mothers’s glomerular filtration function have led to an increase in protein levels in urine; the renal tubules are damaged, leading to the increased level of urine protein, amino acids, and glucose in urine.These substances may slightly increase the smell of urine.

3. Increase vaginal secretions

The increase in vaginal secretions in pregnant mothers is easy to breed bacteria.In the process of breeding and metabolism, some ammonia will be produced, which is another important reason for the heavier urine smell during pregnancy.

4. Eat foods or medicines with special smell

When pregnant mothers eat garlic, green onions and some foods or drugs with special odor, urine may also have a special smell of these substances.

5. Urinary tract infection

If pregnant mothers have asymptomatic bacterial urine (in individuals who do not have symptoms of urinary infection, bacteria are separated from the correctly collected urine samples; pregnant women have 2%to 7%asymptomatic bacterial urine incidenceOr there are urinary tract infections during pregnancy, the odor of the urine may become heavier or even smell, and it is accompanied by frequent urination, urgency, dysuria or fever.

I don’t want to have a heavy urine smell during pregnancy, pregnant mothers can do the following:

1. Drink plenty of water, urinate more, and drink enough 2000 ml of water every day?Doing this can reduce urinary infection or cause a serious urine smell caused by vaginal inflammation.

2. Keep the vulva clean and dry, clean the vulva with water, reduce the risk of urinary system infection and vulvar inflammation;

3. It is recommended to wear cotton and loose underwear to avoid panties that wear special fabrics such as nylon and Rica. Do not wear tight pants for a long time;

4. Regular delivery during pregnancy. In the early and late pregnancy, routine urine examination must be done to eliminate the possibility of asymptomatic bacterial urine.

If the urine smell continues to increase, frequent urination, urgency, pain, and even fever even fever, or obvious itching, swelling, pain, increased vaginal secretions in the vulva, and increased vaginal discharge.Essence

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