What is the dream?What a little tears?How much can it come true?

Since childhood, I really have a lot of dreams: beautiful, scary, painful …

Some people say that there is a dream of night and night; some people say that as long as they do not tell the nightmare before dawn, the nightmare will not come true; some people wish the dream to come true …

I was afraid of the night since I was a child, so I didn’t believe that dreaming could come true. I felt that only through hard work can I dream of it.

When I was a kid, I felt almost scary. I never felt that the dream was sweet. I always "staged a horror movie" in the dream.

Every time I go to bed, I can’t help but look forward to dawn and look forward to the sun rising, because I like the sun, warmth, and all positive energy.

The dream I made the most when I was a kid was that I went to a place I didn’t know. It was dark and dark, no lights, no one, scared me just to run, but I couldn’t run; scared me to go to the toilet, I was so scared that I wanted to go to the toilet.But I can’t find a place.Because as long as you want to go to the toilet, you will see that there are stools around, not even the stations, let alone urination.

In short, the world when I was a kid has no fairy tales, only cruel reality.

In my dream, I couldn’t help but want to run or escape, but I couldn’t escape.One day, I dreamed that I ran and vomited. I vomited very hard, because the last vomiting was black water, just like Ultraman knocked the monster, the monster became a fracture.

I woke up from my dream, and I really vomited myself. I vomited very much for no reason. After the vomiting, there was a black line on the nails.

Strangely, since then, I have never had such a dream, and my nails have gradually improved.

After growing up, you have less dreams.I just remember when I first got married, I especially wanted a child, so I often dreamed that I was pregnant and gave birth to a child.

After pregnancy, I dreamed that several snakes were around me, but they were all kind -hearted snakes.The old man said that this means that I am pregnant with a boy. As a result, I do n’t know if it is a coincidence. I was really a boy.

I also dreamed that you and your beloved people, you, and the world, but strangely, sometimes the people who love the center of the dream center wake up and think about it. I do n’t know who the person is.[black line]

Sometimes, there are some things in dreams, for example, eating and chatting with friends, but when they wake up, they can’t remember the details of the dream.

In the dream, I also met the relatives who went.Although it is dreaming, it is basically a scene in reality. Perhaps this dream stems from a kind of miss for the old people.

In the dream, I also quarreled with others.Especially after being a friend of my own, but after doing things that hurt myself, I easily dream of quarreling with people. I think this is probably "there is something in the day and dreams of dreams."

Now, I have clearly knew that "dreams are by no means dreams. The difference between the two usually has a distance that is worth thinking about." (Gu Long) Dream is the expectations of the future.Such as career and love.And "dream" is just "dream", without it.

Therefore, I don’t care much about what dreams I have done at night. I only feel that "the happiest thing in the world is to fully understand the pursuit and dream of my life, and rely on my own talent to make my dream realize, Make your talents show it. "(Du Shiyang)

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