What is the difficulty of breathing in the third trimester?What should I do if I have symptoms of dyspnea in the third trimester?

After pregnancy, some symptoms of physical abnormalities are very common, such as pregnancy vomiting, leg cramps, back pain, back pain, dyspnea, etc.Most women will encounter this situation after pregnancy. It is inevitable that the impact of pregnancy will inevitably feel down, and bad emotions can easily affect the fetus.Therefore, women need to pay attention to controlling emotions.Of course, it is also necessary to take effective ways to ease the discomfort during pregnancy.

What is the difficulty of breathing in the third trimester?

Difficulty in breathing during the third trimester is a relatively common phenomenon.Because the pregnancy age of pregnant women has increased, the uterus is also increasing, and the diaphragm is easily lifted up after the uterine increases.Therefore, the chest cavity will become smaller, and the pressure on the diaphragm continues to increase, which can easily affect cardiopulmonary function.As the fetus continues to grow, the amount of oxygen in need will increase.Therefore, pregnant women need to speed up breathing and take a short and shallow breathing method to satisfy breathing, otherwise it is prone to breathing difficulties.

What should I do if I have difficulty breathing in the third trimester?

1. If you feel difficulty in breathing, you can change your posture appropriately.If you feel breathless, it is difficult to breathe. Immediately change your posture, or change to a posture, you can relieve the symptoms of breathing difficulties, and breathing will be smoother.In addition, pregnant women can also slow down, that is, do not do too much action.The ongoing things or exercise need to be slow, master the rhythm, and wait until the breathing is smooth.

2. After the pregnant woman finds that she has difficulty breathing, she can try to sit on the chair, lift her chest, and her shoulders back.In this way, the lungs can be relaxed. Difficulties in breathing are not suitable for sitting or falling asleep all the time. It is easy to aggravate the burden on the lungs, which is not conducive to the breathing of pregnant women.It can exercise appropriately in the third trimester, although pregnant women are inconvenient.However, some soothing exercises can still be performed, which can increase the functions of the respiratory and circulatory system.

3. When sleeping at night, pregnant women can also adjust their sleeping position and take a half -lying method, so that breathing will be smoother.Difficulties in breathing, pregnant women can also change the breathing method, which is more suitable for chest calls.You can stand up, take a deep breath, straighten your arms outwards, and lift your head upwards, and slowly exhale.At the same time, the two arms are put back on both sides of their bodies, and their heads look down.

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