What is the difference between Yin Chao and belly?

For women, the most familiar examination, such as stomach pain or pregnancy, doctors will let B -ultrasound look. This is also the most intuitive and convenient way to check the adapter of women’s uterus and pelvic cavity.Applications are very common.But why do some vaginal B -ultrasound, some of the abdomen B -ultrasound?What is the difference between the two?Can I do yin super after pregnancy?

First of all, Yin Chao is also known as the B -ultrasound in the cavity. It is said that the popular point is to put the B -ultrasound probe in the vagina for examination. It also has a way to put it in the rectum for ultrasound examination. Both of them belong to the B -ultrasound in the cavity.Because it is closer to the vagina and the pelvic organs, the image is clearer and realistic, the display rate is high, the result is more accurate, and it can be directly checked without urinating.The only embarrassment may need to expose privacy. Some women feel embarrassed and a little shy.Don’t worry about entering the vagina infection with other diseases, because every time you check the doctor, you will put a disposable condom in front of the probe. It is absolutely safe and reliable.

Secondly, the B -ultrasound of the abdomen. This is a good understanding is to put the probe on the lower abdomen for examination, focusing on checking the situation of the uterus, accessories and pelvic cavity, and urinating before checking, because only the bladder is full to a certain degree, can it be compared with the light and dark control of the image through the light and dark control of the image., Clearly display the shape of the uterus and ovaries.It is said that it is across the belly, but some women are fat and the belly is thick, so it is not easy to see clearly. The belly is too thick and unclear.

In the end, many pregnant mothers are more exclusive to Yin Chao in the early pregnancy. They always feel that after the vagina is checked, it will cause abortion and affect the baby?

In fact, there is no need to worry about this. In the early stage of pregnancy, sometimes the pregnancy of the gestational sac can not be seen through the B -ultrasound. During the examination, the doctor will put a condom on the probe and insert the probe gently into the vagina.Inspection, entering about 4-5 cm, it will not increase the risk of abortion. Generally, there will be no great pain. At most, it will be a little uncomfortable. It is generally tolerable. ThereforeCan reduce unnecessary pain.

Whether it is abdominal B-ultrasound or Yin Chao, they use the physical characteristics of ultrasound to check and diagnose. The sound strength of their probe launch is less than 10mW/cm, and the inspection time is usually 5-10 minutes.It is short, and it will not affect the development of the fetus.

After speaking for a long time, I believe that the friends have some understanding of Yin Chao, and they are not afraid. Let’s compare the above in the figure below to see what is the difference between the two.

Yin Chao and belly are like that song

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