What is the baby like a month of pregnancy?What preparation should expectant mothers make?What are you to pay attention to?

The baby’s growth of 0.2 millimeters of fertilized eggs is going to bed in about 7 to 11 days after fertilization, and gradually grows.

Until the 8th weekend weekend, we do not call it a fetus, but called fetal buds.

The tire buds that develop to the third weekend can finally be seen by the naked eye. It is about 5 mm to 1 cm long, and the weight is less than 1 gram.

From the appearance, the body is two equal divisions; the head is very large, accounting for half of the length, the head is directly connected to the body, with a long tail, like the shape of the hippocampus.At this time, there is no difference between the fetal buds of other animals in appearance. The hands and legs are generally available, but because they are too small, they can’t see it clearly.

The surface is covered with fluff tissue (a protruding of fine hair), and this tissue will soon form a placenta.

The prototypes of the neurological system, spinal cord and other circular organs such as blood (forming the foundation) have appeared.The heart is formed on the second weekend and began to move from the third week.The liver also began to develop significantly during this period.

The eyes and nose have not yet been generated, but the prototype of the mouth and chin can be seen.The umbilical cord connected to the mother has also developed from this period.

The characteristics of novice mommy

In the first half of this month, there is no fetal. The pregnancy starts from the middle of this month.

At this time, almost everyone did not consciously symptoms. It varies from person to person, and some people may have symptoms similar to a cold, fatigue, fever or cold.There are also symptoms of trapped life.The size of the uterus does not see any changes. It is as large as eggs when they are not pregnant.

Monthly -by -month tire -raising method

In Sun Siyi’s medical masterpiece "Thousands of Gold", it is recorded that the quasi -mummy is pregnant in October and the monthly tire -raising method. It still has scientific, practical value, and realistic guiding significance. The brief introduction is as follows:

January of pregnancy: The prospective mummy "must be quiet in the bed, there is no fear of fear, and the diet is familiar."It means that from the first month after pregnancy, you should pay attention to the sleep environment, no noise disturb, and not to be frightened.Pay attention to eating nutritious foods in diet, and those who are cooked through.

Health care measures in the first month of pregnancy

Mother health guidance

Early prevention and treatment of pregnant women’s diseases to ensure the safety of the fetus. Through detailed medical history and physical examination, it can find out early to find a highly dangerous pathological factors for the aimedies, fetuses, and newborns to effectively guide and control.

Intra -fetal health

Predicate and monitor the growth and health of the fetus, and understand whether the position you understand is normal to achieve safe delivery. If you find that the fetus has hereditary diseases or congenital malformations, you should decide whether to terminate the pregnancy in advance to achieve the purpose of eugenics.

Fitness plan this month

Swimming is a very good aerobic exercise

The first -time expectant mummy can choose to swim as their own sports. Many expectant mummy will think that swimming is not safe for herself. In fact, swimming is a very good aerobic exercise.When swimming, water can support your weight, help muscle relaxation, reduce the load of the joints, promote blood circulation, and enable your baby to develop better.In addition, swimming has a good effect on improving the mothers of quasi -mummy, reducing pregnancy reactions, cultivating good pregnancy psychology, and the development of the baby’s nervous system.

However, when swimming, be sure to pay attention to cleanliness and safety. Specific mommy can choose some swimming pools with clean water quality and relatively few people to prevent others from kicking underwater to the abdomen.

In addition to swimming, some rhythmic aerobic exercises such as fast walking, jogging, simple rhythm dance, and climbing stairs can also be carried out regularly by expectant mummy themselves.However, the exercise similar to jumping, twisting or fast rotation should be avoided as much as possible, and daily housework should be appropriately reduced.

Topics of the first month of pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy

Any symptoms below may indicate ectopic pregnancy. If there are all circumstances, it will be determined to be ectopic pregnancy.

If the quasi mother feels a sudden pain, colic, and tingling in the lower abdomen, sometimes it will be dispelled to the shoulders on the same side of the abdominal pain.When any lower abdomen pain is becoming more and more intense, localized, and painful, you must seek medical treatment immediately.

Before ectopic pregnancy caused major bleeding, there was usually only a little bit of bleeding or even no bleeding.If bleeding, the amount of blood may be more or less, it may be a small piece of brown dirt, or the dark red blood flows constantly.Bleeding may occur before or after feeling pain.

When the pain is getting more and more intense, the pain of pain is more and more concentrated, the amount of bleeding is getting more and more and the color is more and more red, the prospective mummy will feel nauseous, vomiting and dizzy.The pulse beating is getting faster and faster.

If you have any signs and symptoms of ectopic pregnancy, you should seek medical treatment in time.Doctors will do a special ultrasonic examination. During ectopic pregnancy, the results of the examination may have nothing to do, or a small embryo is found outside the uterus.After the diagnosis and treatment of ectopic pregnancy can avoid the risk of life caused by rupture caused by big bleeding.

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