What is going on with menstruation during pregnancy?

Will you have menstruation when you are pregnant?It seems a bit ridiculous, but it is very knowledgeable.Will pregnancy come to menstruation? Will ectopic pregnancy come to menstruation? Will there be a holiday after pregnancy?Are you also troubled by these issues?Let me give you the truth of the menstruation of science and science.

Generally speaking, menstruation will not come when pregnancy, and menstruation will definitely not be pregnant.However, many friends have discovered that they have come to a holiday after pregnancy. What is going on?

When girls mature, ovulation will start. While ovulation, the endometrium thickening forms a layer of luteum preparing to welcome a new life with essence eggs.If the excreted eggs encounter a healthy sperm combined with fertilization, the fertilized egg enters the uterus and bed, and the luteal of the endometrium will develop into a placenta for breeding fetuses.

If menstruation after pregnancy, it is likely to be a vaginal bleeding caused by signs of abortion or ectopic pregnancy, cervical erosion, etc., it is best to go to the hospital for examination in time to find out the cause of aura abortions.

After pregnancy, a small amount of bleeding may occur, which will cause some experienced novice mothers to panic, thinking that it is an aunt to visit again.

In fact, vaginal bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy is not a true menstruation.It may also be a problem with the cervix, but it can be understood as a physiological reaction after fertilized eggs after bed.

What happened to menstruation after pregnancy?Generally speaking, women will stop menstruation after pregnancy, and there will be no menstrual phenomena. Why else can find menstruation?

1. Other causes of vaginal bleeding: Bleeding after pregnancy is also common in pregnancy -induced cervical polyps or erosion, and cervical cancer can also cause vaginal bleeding.It is understandable that the menstrual menstruation of a very different pregnancy can be understood as a physiological reaction after the fertilized eggs.

2. Breakfast abortion: There is a stopping history, and the test of urine pregnancy test is positive, and it is diagnosed with pregnancy.In this case, vaginal bleeding occurs, or is accompanied by backache and abdominal pain. It should be considered first, and at the same time, it is also possible to think that there is no possibility of ectopic pregnancy.

Menstruation after pregnancy is not the real menstruation. It is a lesion and bleeding in the uterus or attachment. It is particularly alert to ectopic pregnancy.If you have a menstruation again after you are pregnant, you should go to the hospital immediately.It is found that the cause of bleeding can be treated in time.

Menstruation has always stopped the tide, which is a good sign of breeding a new life.However, within 3 months after pregnancy, a small number of vaginal bleeding is still bleeding in the monthly menstrual cycle of the month.

Menstruation after pregnancy is the implanted bleeding of the pregnant eggs that occur after the bed in the bed.

In the early stages of pregnancy, when the eggs were implanted, the chorionic gonadotropin began to appear in the urine, and the peak of the 8th week of pregnancy reached its peak.The role of this hormone is similar to the lutein governing, which can make ovarian luteal development into pregnancy luteal.Pregnancy lutein continues to secrete estrogen and progesterone, so that endometrium is molt and ensure the continued development and growth of fertilized eggs.

From our elaboration, menstruation after pregnancy is actually not a true menstruation, it is a vaginal bleeding phenomenon.

Vaginal bleeding is a common problem in early pregnancy, and about a quarter of pregnant women will happen.When encountering this problem, pregnant women are usually worried that they don’t know if they will have a miscarriage or have abnormal fetal fetuses.

According to statistics, about half of the patients can successfully continue pregnancy after the vaginal bleeding in the first half of pregnancy, and about 30 % of the patients will have a natural miscarriage. Ten percent patients are uterine pregnancy, and very few patients may mayIt is a problem of hydatidal and cervical lesions.

Generally speaking, vaginal bleeding after pregnancy does not affect fetal development and mother health, so no special treatment is required.It should be noted that when the menstrual cycle or menstrual flow changes, it is best to go to the hospital for examination to clarify the reason for the change.

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