What is going on with a long stomach after pregnancy?Parenting expert: This is caused by this reason

Yesterday, a fan friend consulted such a question with the happy dad:

"I am pregnant for about 70 days now, and I found that the hair on my stomach has become dark and long, and there is a straight line. What is going on?"

After the mothers are pregnant, their bodies will change a lot. Some changes can be seen from the appearance. For example, the belly is big, acne on the face, and some edema of hands and feet; some can not be seen from the appearance, such as back pain.The stomach is uncomfortable, the baby’s fetal movement, and there is a line on the stomach we are talking about today, and there is still dark and long sweat around this line.Sometimes it also has a strong itching. Many mothers are uncomfortable and nervous, but they dare not do anything, for fear that their inappropriate moves will have a bad impact on the baby.

In fact, this line appearing on the mother’s belly has a professional term "pregnancy line", which is one of the normal performances of mothers during pregnancy.Many mothers will have a brown pattern on the belly after 2 months of pregnancy. This pattern is generally manifested as the vertical line that crosses the navel, and over time, the color of the pattern will be deepened, and some even look like it looks likeThe mother said the same as the dark and long sweat.

And the position of the pregnancy line is not fixed, sometimes it appears above the navel, and sometimes it even extends upwards until the chest will appear.Of course, there are no similar changes on the stomach of the mothers.This is actually normal.The legend of the people also gives this line more meaning. For example, it can be used to judge whether it is a boy or a girl, such as judging the physical condition of the mothers at this time.

Today, the happy dad takes everyone to understand this stripe carefully, and to understand why some mothers have long and dark sweat.

The pregnancy line is an important anatomy symbol of the human body. It belongs to the normal physiological lines. Whether it is pregnant or not, there will be this line on the stomach.It is just that when there is no pigmentation, you can often only see a faint white texture, which is very similar to the skin color of the mother. It is difficult to distinguish it if you look at it carefully.

When the mothers are in pregnancy, the hormone levels have changed fiercely, and the amount of hormones in the body has also changed a lot, which will cause pigmeal cells to be stimulated and melanin secretion, which will cause pigment deposition.So on the surface, the color of this line of lines can gradually become darker, and it slowly changes from white to dark brown, and it becomes obvious from slowly.The occurrence of pregnancy lines is a normal phenomenon, which is generally obvious in the second trimester.As for the dark and long sweaty hair around the pregnancy line, this is different from person to person. Some mothers themselves are sweaty hair. As soon as the hormone changes, the hair will follow the crazy long; and some mothers have originallyWithout sweat, it is difficult to grow even if there is hormone stimulation.

Many mothers are worried about whether it will be like this in the future, and it will become dark and long.In fact, this worry is superfluous. After the mothers give birth, the hormones in the body will slowly return to the original level, and most people’s pregnancy lines will gradually fade or disappear.Even if it has not disappeared, mothers can choose laser hair removal treatment, which can also restore smooth and white belly.

Another saying about the pregnancy line is to see the gender of the child.Happy dad has seen someone vowed to say: The long sweat around the pregnancy line is the boy, and the more black the hair is, the greater the possibility of the boy.The part of the part is between the left and the two breasts. Generally, the boys are the girls. Some people say that the pregnancy line is straight from the navel to the belly button and it is straight between the two breasts. Generally, the boy is the girl.

There are too many people who are talking about. In fact, everyone understands that it is the result of the father and mother’s gene pairing. The mother provides XX chromosomes. Dad provides XY chromosomes.It was a boy. Conversely, the chromosome group was a girl when it became XX.This has nothing to do with whether the mothers will have a pregnancy line, and it is not related to whether it will grow.

Regarding this statement, mothers just look at it, there is no need to take it seriously.

Therefore, the pregnant mother found that she had sweat on her stomach, and when these hairs became dark and long, don’t worry too much.This is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy, and after giving birth to a child, your hormone levels return to pre -pregnancy, these performances will disappear.

At this time, mothers only need to eat reasonably, ensure rest, check on time, and welcome the arrival of small lives.

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