What is going on always feel back pain after giving birth?How to relieve back pain?

Some people in life have adverse reactions after production, and often feel pain in the waist. If this situation continues and the cause is uncertain, it is best to go to the doctor to judge what the situation is caused.The impact of error habits causes pain and needs to be treated in time. Otherwise, the pain will become more serious, in addition to affecting normal life, it will also increase because the local lesions are not treated.

Many people suspect that the postpartum back pain is not done well. Is this the case?

After production, the waist is always painful, and it is not ruled out that the confinement is not done well.Many people are overworked during confinement. Without sufficient rest time, they may increase the burden on the lumbar spine, and then cause local pain. In addition, the posture is incorrect during the breastfeeding process, because it is not proficient in the posture of breastfeeding.Too hard, it will also increase the burden on the lumbar spine, and the local muscles will slowly strain, which may cause pain.

Is low back pain and painless anesthesia?

Some women suspect that low back pain after production is because the use of anesthesia drugs leaves sequelae. Anesthesia needs to be used during painless delivery. Indeed, some people have low back pain from painless delivery sequelae.The speed of physical recovery will be faster, and the painless childbirth is injected with anesthesia, or the method of caesarean section is used. The possibility of health problems in the future is high.

How to relieve back pain?

1. Reasonable sitting posture

If you want to alleviate the symptoms of back pain, you should maintain the correct walking posture, and the sitting position should be reasonable. In this way, the burden on the lumbar spine should be reduced to avoid local muscle strain.

After pregnancy, the burden on the body will increase. Many women are used to leaning forward, and they should be relieved of the heavy livation after production. Whether they are walking or sitting, they should be reasonable. In this wayThe burden.In the process of breastfeeding, the posture must also be reasonable in order to keep the waist relax.

2. Proper massage

To relieve the symptoms of low back pain after production, you should also massage appropriately. This method of massage to eliminate fatigue, relieve muscle tension, and the help of massage and effectively massage can promote local blood circulation and maintain muscle relaxation.It is much reduced to discover local pain.If you are still exhausted, there is no enough rest time, and you do not cooperate with the massage to adjust. The body pain, and the discomfort may continue.

It can be seen that low back pain and confinement after production are not done well, and painless use of anesthetic use of painless delivery. Of course, there is no good habit to increase the burden on lumbar spine, and there will be pain.response.”””””

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