What is going on after weight loss after pregnancy?

What is going on after weight loss after pregnancy?

I don’t know when I started, my appetite slowly decreased. I have a weight of 49 kg before pregnancy. During my pregnancy, I suddenly decreased to 41.5 kg because of various reactions in the past two months.

My husband has always been worried about my state, saying so hard, the woman is really amazing.

Fortunately, this state has an end. It continues to improve until 3 months of pregnancy. Finally, I can eat some light meals, but the appetite is not very good.

After eating dumplings on Wednesday breakfast, I felt uncomfortable all day long. Later, I did not dare to eat dumplings. I changed to drink porridge, and it must be cooked with fine porridge.

During that time, my husband was just on a business trip, and my appetite was not very good, because I couldn’t eat too much, but the weight not only did not increase, but decreased.

When my husband came back, he saw me, and he was full of opinions on me. It was said that the expectant mothers in other people were afraid that the child would not be full for eating. I didn’t want the baby.At this time, diet.

I said innocently that I was not diet. I also wanted to eat, but my stomach was held up by the baby, so my appetite was small. I eat too much now not only is it not conducive to digestion, but it is not good for the baby.

But her husband ignored my statement. He always wanted Fang Heng to let me eat more, and insisted on making me weight records every day.

Eating every day, both of us will argue for half a spoonful of meals for a long time.

The fish and meat on the table are greasy when I look at it, and I feel more greasy to eat.

Regardless of this, he always said that for the baby, I must force myself to eat a little, and eat more.

Because the pork ribs and fish eat too much, I will still take a break when I see these two foods until now.

So every day I am particularly afraid of eating on a table with my husband. I always feel that eating is like fighting. I was already tired. I still have to controversy with my husband every day. It ’s been very tired. It feels particularly tired.

One day after dinner, my husband looked at my weight record and sighed, and said, "Well, our baby is really pitiful.

When I heard my husband talking like this, I am really angry and funny, and a little bit sour. I really do n’t know how to make my husband believe that the true meaning of one person to eat two people actually say that the expectant mother eats better and more nutritious.Not more.

The baby has been 6 months pregnant, and his fetal movement has begun to become stronger. My heart is full of happiness. I never want to rely so that a small life rely so on.This sense of dependence is stronger.

When I conducted a third check -up, I did a large row of teasing and glucose test. The doctor boasted that the baby developed well while emphasizing that my weight increased too quickly, and I couldn’t feel normal because I didn’t increase a month.

Doctors said that the weight gain during pregnancy will seriously affect blood sugar, increase the probability of gestational diabetes, and cause the baby to grow too much, to be small and small, and it will not help the baby’s health in the future.

Listening to the doctor, I am very happy. I think this time my husband will not force me to eat so much.

Since the whole family knows my results of this birth checkup, almost every day, my mother will call my husband, and repeatedly emphasize not to give me too much. Be sure to have three meals a day as before pregnancy.A boiled egg, a glass of milk and some fruits.

However, maybe the baby is used to my husband to make me eat hard. My appetite suddenly becomes strong. There is no way to resist the temptation of the nutritional meal that my husband’s elaborate.peak.

I ate three meals a day, and I sat in the office during the day and kept trying to eat snack fruits. As a result, I had 4.5 kilograms between 23-27 weeks of pregnancy.

At the time of delivery, the doctor told me seriously that the weight of this time was really too fast. Although the sugar sieve still passed it once, it still need to pay more attention.

Especially I was originally a small bone, and the diameter of the sciatica was only 8.5 cm, so the baby’s weight must be controlled at 3200 grams, which is conducive to delivery.

I think both my husband and I are aware of the seriousness of the problem, and my husband will no longer hang "eating more" on his mouth, but starts to re -develop me with a reasonable recipe for nutrition.Customized a set of "weight loss" plans by yourself:

1. The combination of coarse and fine grains and vegetarian and vegetables to ensure a balanced intake of various nutrients. Make meals with nutrition and will not lead to too fast weight growth, so as to better ensure the physical and mental health of my baby.

2. Adhere to normal and scientific eating habits, reduce the low nutritional value of biscuits, cakes, candy and ice cream, and high blood sugar generating indexes, which will lead to increased blood sugar levels.

3. Persist in exercise every day. Persist in walking to the subway every day. After lunch, try to take a walk next to the green space near the company for half an hour.

In this way, there is almost an hour of walking time every day. It took not long after persistence, this kind of exercise benefited me a lot.

I feel that my body has become lighter, and even walking faster than my husband. After dinner, he pulled him to walk with me. I almost said to him, walking faster, walking faster.

Husband said that I could hardly see from behind me that I was a expectant mother. It was a little shaking except for walking, like a little penguin.

Since then, my weight control is very well controlled, and it is maintained to increase one pound or three pounds every week.

In the 36 weeks of pregnancy, my weight was controlled at 57.5 kg, an increase of 8.5 kg from 49 kg before pregnancy. Even during the Spring Festival, I controlled my mouth. I called my weight every day. I found that there were signs of soaring.

Various indicators of the body are also very normal. Sugar sieve is still one -time, but the baby’s weight is controlled. Even the doctor praised my changes and praised that I was well controlled.

In memories, every time the check -up, the doctor will constantly emphasize the control of the weight.

Nowadays, the level of living is good. I think there are fewer and less prospective mothers who lack nutrition. Instead, they can see expectant mothers with excess nutrition everywhere.

After all, the expectant mother was regarded as an important protection target than a panda as soon as she was pregnant, especially her husband, or mother -in -law and other elders who asked expectant mothers to "eat more, eat better".

Through personal experience, I know that in fact, I actually control the weight appropriately during pregnancy. It is very important for babies in the abdomen to be aimed at mothers themselves.

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