What is going on?

Before pregnancy, the skin who was also white and tender, suddenly found that his skin turned black every day!On his face, breasts, and belly, the whole person looks much older. What is going on?

Pregnant women are easy to turn black

So, in general, which part of the expectant mother’s body is easy to turn black?


After 3-5 months of pregnancy, women will have pregnancy-like melasma, which will not gradually fade until after delivery. If the color cells are not activated by only hormones, the stimulation of the outside world can also cause the black body cells to stimulateThe number of quantities is greatly increased.The appearance of pigmentation such as melasma and freckles is due to the existence of melanocytes that can produce melanin under the skin.Therefore, as the pregnancy time increases, the pregnancy -oriented liver spots mainly appear under the eyes.

Nipples and areola

After pregnancy, due to the increased amount of emotional hormones and lutein, the areola may also occur, which makes the areola and nipples look darker, as if there is a phenomenon of turning black. This is actually a normal pregnancy period.Most of the skin changes will gradually fade after giving birth.

Neck, armpit, abdomen

In addition to the blackness around the face and the black around the nipples, the skin of the skin becomes black during pregnancy is also reflected in the body parts such as the neck, underarms, and abdomen.The precipitation of pigments makes these parts look like it is not cleaned. A dark article, even with some patterns, makes the pregnant mothers feel embarrassed.

The cause of the skin of pregnant women darkened

It is normal for pregnant women’s skin to become black, and expectant mothers need not be too panic.Poinity and freckles appear because there are melanocytes that can produce melanin under the skin.Influenced by estrogen and progesterone due to estrogen and progesterone, melanocytes increase large in number.Therefore, as the pregnancy time increases, the pregnancy -oriented liver spots mainly appear under the eyes.Moreover, the melanin concentration will form obvious pigmentation, the white line in the center of the belly will become tea, and it is not uncommon for black to appear black around the nipples and areolas.

Barrier cells are not activated by only hormones, and stimulus to outside of ultraviolet rays will also greatly increase the number of melanocytes.

The pigment that occurs during pregnancy varies from person to person, but it will gradually become lighter after childbirth.But most of them will not completely disappear, and it will be lighter after a long time.

How to care for the skin when the skin becomes black during pregnancy

1. Pay attention to sun protection

The exposure of the skin in the sun will make the pregnancy spots deeper and more obvious. Therefore, no matter when you go out, you must use the high index sunscreen (SPF15 or more) to protect your skin and wear a hat.If you feel that the spots are not good, try it to cover it with a color foundation.Don’t worry, within 3 months of your baby, pregnancy spots will begin to fade.

2. Supplement folic acid

For pregnancy spots and abdominal black lines, you can take folic acid supplements and intake foods rich in folic acid (that is, natural forms of folic acid), such as whole wheat food and green broad -leaf vegetables to ensure that the body is sufficientFolic acid, because research pointed out that deficiency of folic acid may increase skin discoloration.

3. Massage

Stretch marks are a fact that appears during pregnancy and cannot be avoided, but if you do n’t let your weight increase too fast, put massage oil or vitamin E moisturizing cream on your stomach to maintain elasticity, eat healthy food, make gently, soft food, make gentle foodSports, etc., can minimize the possibility of stretch marks.Don’t forget that stretch marks may take a while after production to fade.

4. Pay attention to skin cleaning

Clean regular cleansing products and oily moisturizing creams on a regular basis.If you don’t want to nursing products with your skin, don’t use towels, and use your hand to make your face dry to keep the skin fresh and clean, so that you can minimize the stimulation of the acne.Do not use acne creams, unless the doctor recommends that you do this.It doesn’t matter, after a few weeks after giving birth, your skin should be able to return to the state before pregnancy.

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