What is Fan Bingbing’s belly? Is it true that Fan Bingbing is pregnant?

Fan Bingbing, a well -known actress in China, has a high popularity. In 2018, Fan Bingbing caused huge controversy in public opinion due to tax evasion. Although the storm has passed for more than a year, Fan Bingbing still cannot return smoothly. On December 4, a group of Fan Bingbing appeared on the Internet.Many netizens have speculated that they were pregnant. Previously, Fan Bingbing had been exposed to pregnancy many times. Let’s take a look at what is going on.

What’s wrong with Fan Bingbing’s belly

On December 4, Fan Bingbing appeared at Beijing Airport to take off.Fan Bingbing was stopped when the tax evasion of the east windows was closed. Now that he was successfully returned, he was also supported by the official media, and his work gradually increased.Regardless of whether it is activity, as long as there is a job, it will do it, and it is not picky at all.Fan Bingbing is very domineering today and is even more cute.She wore an orange baseball cap and a furry little squirrel lay on the top of Fan Bingbing’s head, playful and cute, you are the brightest one at the airport.I also wore a oversized ring with my left hand, and pulled my suitcase from the escalator.

According to the photographer, Fan Bingbing’s belly began to be rounded, and it was not obvious on the front, but if you look at the side, he will find that Fan Bingbing’s belly is very raised and fat becomes a ball.The bulging belly stretched out the clothes, which was very tight.Fan Bingbing broke up with the big black cow Li Chen, so what is her belly?Are you pregnant or eat more?Female stars attach great importance to their body control. If you can eat less, you will never eat more, and you will not make blessings so soon.

However, some netizens believe that this is just eating too much, and the problem of angle, so Fan Bingbing looks suspected of pregnancy.And, at the previous activities, Fan Bingbing did not seem to be "big belly."Therefore, many netizens believe that Fan Bingbing is not pregnant.Some netizens believe that Fan Bingbing has been exposed to pregnancy many times before. It is said that the object is still a rich man and suspected of being with a rich man.But in the end it was confirmed that the news was false news.

What’s wrong with Fan Bingbing’s pregnancy photos

Because there are too many questioning sounds, Fan Bingbing Studio responded to rumors of pregnancy that night. The studio posted that the studio could cause disaster, and also shouted that Fan Bingbing’s foreign food was higher.Eating amount.It seems that Fan Bingbing is not pregnant, but she is just eating fat. In fact, Fan Bingbing has always been not a very thin girl. She is a full girl in the entertainment industry. In addition, she is now single, so she does not have to worry about her boyfriend willIt seems that Fan Bingbing is also a free and easy person.

Therefore, this time Fan Bingbing’s pregnancy photos are also a big oolong. In fact, the news of Fan Bingbing’s pregnancy has been reported on the Internet very early, and the photos were exposed on the second day when Fan Bingbing and Li Chen broke up.Fan Bingbing denied it and said that he would investigate the legal responsibility of his rumor, but he still couldn’t stop the mouth of the rumor.

Since Fan Bingbing has clarified this time, please do not spread rumors. Give Fan Bingbing to deal with his own personal time and opportunity. Fan Bingbing has been changing herself after negative storms. I believe she will be recognized by netizens.

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