What is better to eat when you are pregnant?

As soon as a woman is pregnant, it is like a blowing balloon swelling. Eating and drinking is spicy than before, just for the baby in the stomach.But do you want big fish and abalone and fish fin every meal?That’s not really. Although so, our previous eating habits still have to be adjusted as appropriate.

Green vegetables are still on the top of the list

Some people think that when you are pregnant, you should have a meal and big meat. This is really a wrong concept. The first place in our diet structure is still green.The richer the variety of vegetables, the better.Anyway, I ate lunch in the cafeteria every day. Although the cafeterias were all home -cooked dishes on the market, they were better than the types of green vegetables. 5 dishes and one soup. At least 4 kinds of vegetables were not heavy every day.

It’s good to eat fish every day

Because it is the city of Binjiang, every day, the cafeteria will make various fish, fried fish, roasted fish, fish soup, and fish balls.The fish is rich in protein and DHA, which is good for the baby’s brain.Compared with meat, it is not easy to gain weight. You must know that pregnant women get fat, and weighing too much can cause various pregnancy diseases.

More soup soup water

As the saying goes, the soup is raised, and the soup is the first to push the fish soup. The reason is as above, because the fish contains the rich DHA needed by the baby, it is better for the fetal brain development.Secondly, fish soup temperature is easy to digest and absorb, and more importantly, it is not easy to make people gain weight and produce high fat.In the middle of pregnancy, pregnant women can easily change their hearts. At this time, they ca n’t eat it, but it is more comfortable to drink soup.(It is said that the fetus is long hair, so drinking soup helps the fetus long hair.)

It is highly recommended for wealth fish soup and yellow catfish soup.

Put up some collagen

Extracting collagen every day is good for the baby’s skin.My husband and I have acne skin, so the probability of children inherit the acne muscle is relatively high. We discuss that we cannot bring our own pain to children, so drink some bird’s nest every day.(A brand of Hong Kong purchased on behalf of the brand, Qi Qi made the brand of advertising.In fact, it is also good to boil some red dates and wolfberry soup every day.

I was forced to drink DHA

The DHA of a foreign brand purchased at home is mainly extracted from the sea fish. One pack of daily, the fishy is enough, all squeezed the nose to pour themselves. It should still be effective. Anyway, the child is born.The brain is relatively light, and I still want to thank you at that time.


Do not eat persimmon, hawthorn, coriander, longan, these fruits can easily cause bleeding tires.In fact, eating apples and grapefruit is the best.

The rest of the other diet is enough. You don’t have to open a small stove, make a large table, and can’t eat it when you look at it.

I wish everyone a healthy and cute baby.

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